healing heart
52 Has his eyes on her
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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52 Has his eyes on her

today Althea and some of the human maids are assigned to harvest the fruits from the mansion garden. the Lord garden is a big beautiful place filled with lemon and orange, peach and apple trees and many other kinds. and the various kinds of flowers and rose

Althea now standing on the ladder picking the apples from the tree at first she didn't want to climb on the ladder because she is afraid of heights but seeing that all the maids did so she gathered some courage and climbed up. at first, she was afraid but after some time she got used to it

the maids seemed to be having fun today some of them brought their kids like Hana who brought her oldest kids and some brought the siblings. and some who were having their eyes focused on the guards. they even tried to flirt with them by offering some of the newly picked fruits some went along with it and some refuse and dismissed them

Althea was watching the whole scene from above she couldn't help but roll her eyes at those vulgar girls

when the harvest was done it was all most lunchtime. Althea and the maids started to take fruit baskets to the kitchen. when she was about to enter the kitchen one of the guards offered to help her by taking the basket from her and she gladly accepted his help they were so heavy. she thanked him and went to bring the rest of the baskets

the distance between the garden and the kitchen is a bit long so it takes some here to there when she reached the garden again Althea saw the same man who helped her has followed her looking behind her she saw the man approaching

" hello. I'm sorry if I scared you " the man spoke

" no it's okay, " Althea said smiling slightly

" your Althea right. I'm Yosuke " the man introduced himself to her

" yes I am " Althea answered a bit surprised that he knows her name already but she acted normal

" nice to meet you Yosuke. do you need something from me since you followed me " he must have something to say or else why he followed her Althea thought

the man smiled at her and pick up one of the baskets then he spoke " I came to help you to carry those they seem to be a little heavy "

" Well thank you. then I will go first and you bring the rest " Althea said then she walked back towards the kitchen

the young man stood there for a while watching her figure disappearing. Yosuke had his eyes on her for a long time now. from the moment that he saw her he was mesmerized with her beauty every evening he was watching her as she sitting and reading a book at the garden

he would spend hours looking at her he wanted to speak with her for some time now but he never had the chance to. he noticed that she was not like the other maids who were always throwing themselves on the guards she always either working or reading some books

and today he had the chance to speak with her and have a close look at her she was indeed very beautiful. she looked very pure and her eyes are captivating any man could lose his control just by looking in them

she looked very young and innocent he was the only one who had their eyes on her he heard some of the guards speak about the other day and how beautiful she is and that they wished to spend a pleasurable night with her. but he wasn't like this he wanted her heart before her body

Althea entered the kitchen and sit on her chair and start to eat her launch when Hana asked her " Althea who is the young man who was speaking with you just now "

" one of the guards " Althea replied then she added " and stop imagining things " she had to say that to her or she started to make up things on her own


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