healing heart
53 Not allowed to have feelings part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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53 Not allowed to have feelings part one

" you are so boring Althea, " Hana said

Althea didn't pay attention to her she focused on eating her meal. after lunch, she was asked by the old lady to make pies with the newly picked fruits

it was evening by the time Althea finished making the pies. looking at her nicely done work cutting the strawberry pie to taste it indeed it was very delicious. when she wanted to eat the rest of her pie she remembered that the old lady asked her to prepare a cup of tea for the Lord

but she got confused about which flavor she should give the Lord. there are so many flavors she took the knife to cut a piece of the peach pie than she hesitated what if doesn't like this flavor!

" what I do now " Althea mumbled to herself. unable to decide she cut a piece of every flavor then she prepared the tea and headed toward the library. knocking on the door a couple of times she pushed the wooden doors open

" good evening my Lord " she greeted him

" good evening Althea " the Lord greeted back

the Lord looked at tray a bit shocked did she think that he would eat all of this he chuckled to with her noticing

she handed the teacup to him and spoke " I didn't know what flavor you would prefer so I brought all of them " she didn't want to say the word like because it seemed inappropriate to say

the Lord smiled at her then he asked " what is your favorite flavor "

Althea blinked a few times when she heard him ask her that what does that have to do with my favorite she wanted to say but she took the safest option and answered " strawberry "

the Lord looked at her then he took the fork cutting a small piece of the strawberry pie to taste it and it tasted very delicious to his taste buds

Althea found herself looking at the Lord suddenly she was unable to look away. he didn't seem old at all more like a human in his thirties. his black shoulder-length hair looked very soft it makes anyone have the urge to touch it realizing what she is thinking about she scolded herself mentality

" it tasted very good, " the Lord said then he added " thank you, Althea "

" are you not going to taste the other ones " she couldn't help but ask. he only tasted one kind

" no. I like this one didn't you say it's your favorite " the Lord replied with a gentle smile on his face

Althea eyebrows knitted when she heard him say that she wanted to say something but he spoke first " please set Althea " and she did

the Lord was sitting on the sofa so when set she was close to him

" is there's something my Lord, " she asked

the Lord looked at her with a tender gaze before he started to speak " how is your mother health " he asked

" she is doing great. thank you for asking " Althea was feeling uncomfortable with the gaze on her

seeing that she wasn't Looking him the Lord took touched her hand gently holding it in his hand and that made her look up at him

for some time the didn't speak anything just looking into her blue like ocean eyes. when she wanted to pull her hand from his the Lord held it tightly

" please don't feel uncomfortable around me Althea " the Lord spoke with a gentle tone

" I. I I'm not my Lord " the word barely came out of her mouth. what is doing Althea thought in her mind

the Lord didn't reply just kept on gazing at her. the Lord actions now confirmed that her guess was right. pulling her hand back she looked up at him then she spoke

" Lord Kaname there's something I have been meaning to speak about it with you "

" go ahead, " the Lord said. not missing the sudden change in her behavior

at first, she hesitated but then she gathered her courage " I have noticed that you are treating me differently than the other maids " she paused to look at the Lord and he was waiting for her to continue

she started to speak again " and I don't how to say it * she paused ones again thinking about the best way to say it

the Lord eyes never left her the entire time as she spoke he guessed what she wanted to say but he wanted to hear it from her to confirmed it
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    《healing heart》