healing heart
55 Bold actions
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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55 Bold actions

" mother " the girl screamed but there was no response

for some reason, her mother was wearing a white dress and she was walking away from her. she tried to call her name several times but it was in vain

the girl tried to move but her body felt heavy like there was an invisible weight on her

she wanted to go after her mother but nothing seemed to work. she felt depressed

suddenly her mother disappeared from her sight and everything became dark.

Althea opened her eyes and looked everywhere realizing that it was a dream. a horrifying dream

touching her cheeks there was some moist on them she was crying she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. even her hands are still shaking. her mind wondered what could be the meaning of this dream. something deep in her heart told that it was no good but she chose to ignore this feeling. got out of the bed to get ready for the day.

" finally " Althea mumbled after she finished cleaning the Lord quarters.

come to think about it the Lord stopped being here after she had that conversation with him he promised to not bother her and he kept his promise. it's been more than a month she only sees him if she delivered his breakfast to him which is rarely happens these days

now in Althea's heart she no longer that doubts that she used to have before about the Lord she believed that he is a good man. if he wasn't she would have ended up being like her mother who had been forced to pleasure her father and when he found out that she was pregnant he ordered to kill her. it was a miracle that she and her mother are still alive

looking at the time it was afternoon. having nothing to do she went the garden to have a fresh air it's her favorite place to clear her mind. she was walking around the garden when she heard footsteps coming towards her she stopped walking and looked behind her

" good afternoon Althea " the man spoke

" Good afternoon Yosuke. what brought you here? " Althea asked. it was not a place that the guards came to. and she disliked that man so much. and the way he looks at her

" I saw coming here so I came to accompany you and I want to speak to you about something " the replied and taking a step closer to her

Althea was really annoyed with this man she looks up at him and spoke

" I'm listening " she wanted him to speak whatever rubbish he wanted to say

he noticed the announce look in her face it wasn't new she always looked like this whenever she saw him

" you look beautiful today " he spoke with a husky voice

Althea glared at him starting to get angry now she is trying to not lose her temper this man is becoming too much

" I'm the same as every day " she spoke with a cold voice

even flirting doesn't have an effect on her most the girl would be blushing just hearing a man saying these words to them. is she made of steel Yosuke thought to himself

ignoring her cold gaze on him he spoke

" I want to take you out for someplace later. if you are free " he raised his hand to touch her face but she slapped his hand away

" what are trying to do, " Althea asked giving him a cold stare

" I'm sorry I... " he didn't have the chance to continue his words Althea cut him off

" listen to me carefully don't ever try to touch me again like this " she walked away not giving him a chance to say anything else

unknowingly to her, someone watched everything happened. the person who was hiding in the shadows fell very amused with the girl bold actions.


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