healing heart
57 Warm feelings yet very strange part two.
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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57 Warm feelings yet very strange part two.

" thank my Lord for the meal " Althea stood up from her seat and bowed to the ready to leave

the Lord smiled at her and signaled her to sit again Althea wanted to protest but the Lord suddenly stood up walking towards her he placed his hands on her shoulders making her sit Althea was very shocked with his sudden closeness her heart started to beat very fast

" relax Althea I just wanted you to eat your dessert " Althea whole body shuddered when she felt his breath on her skin and his voice in her ear.

the Lord noticed her reaction and somehow it pleased him. this time the Lord didn't go back to his seat but he sit beside her noticing what about to happen Althea immediately stood up " I'm sorry my Lord I need to go please forgive me " not waiting for his response she left the room hurriedly she didn't stop until she reached her room

she locked the door behind her afraid that he will follow her she had a feeling that he will. she went to the bathroom room and washed her face with cold water it felt like she was drunk and need to sober even after she splashed her face with the cold water she couldn't calm down herself

she got out from the bathroom and walked towards the window she wasn't looking at anything just blankly staring her mind was at mess didn't they spoke about this didn't she told him that she doesn't have feelings for him didn't he said that he won't bother her. she was a fool to believe his words and now she doesn't know what to do or what he was thinking no matter how strong person she is she can never win against him. her mind started to imagine some dark possibilities that could happen

she shocked these dark thoughts from her head the old lady had repeatedly told her that he is a good person and he will never hurt her Althea chose to believe her or that what she hoped for to be the truth.

the Lord was still sitting in the same place after she left he was sipping his wine slowly like didn't want it to end quickly. unknowingly to her with her actions Althea had Ignited the Lord desire to have her more he was doing his best to control himself to not kiss her lips. those lips he would watch her how she parting her lips slightly whenever he was close to her it was an innocent act from her but a sinful one for him if it wasn't for what happened with her the Lord doubt himself to be this patient with her

the next few days Althea intentionally avoid being alone with Lord or speak to him hoping that he will understand the meaning of her behavior but how naive she was the Lord was aware of her actions he was letting her do as she pleased for the time being he wasn't in a rush he will wait for eternity for her to have place in her heart

Althea was in the library for more than an hour the Lord called for her saying that he wants her to do something but for past an hour she didn't do anything actually she was sitting waiting to be ordered to do her work she looked at the Lord ever time in hoping that he will speak but he said nothing he was focusing on the pepper's in his hands which made Althea more annoyed but she has to endure it.


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