healing heart
58 Warm feelings yet very strange part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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58 Warm feelings yet very strange part three

time passed and than an hour became two and the still didn't speak anything nor he left his from the pepper in his hand at first Althea was annoyed by his silent but then she lost track of time as she started to observe the Lord closely it is indeed as all the maids in the mansion says he like a god the way he always carried himself elegance the first word that someone can think of it when you see him. even that he lived for a very long it did nothing to his handsome features. Althea scolded herself mentally when she found herself looking at him like this what is wrong with me she spoke in her mind looking down at her lap

the Lord had long noticed the two pair of eyes that have been looking at him for a long time now but he did nothing to stop it, in fact, he enjoyed being watched by her. the Lord sensed the change in her heartbeat the more she looked at him it was beating very fast he noticed that she placed her hand on her chest for a while to calm her beating heart the Lord decided to speak and not let her wait any longer

" Althea " upon hearing his voice she looked up " I have brought you here to ask you about something's about your life before you came here, " the Lord said

she only nodded here head fear start to build up inside her she was afraid that he found out about her secret she tried to appear normal as much as possible but her heart had given away everything she is trying to hide

" did you meet your father before," the Lord asked looking in her eyes

Althea looked down after she heard his question she looked sad the Lord noticed " never " he heard her say in a weak voice

" did anything related to him happened before " the Lord continued asking

" yes " she answered wondering what is he getting to " he tried to kill both my mother and me by burning our house " she explained still looking down " but why do you suddenly asking me about this my Lord " this time she was the one who asked

the Lord stood up from his seat and walked to where she was sitting seeing this she too stood up the Lord was standing in front of her he placed his hand on left cheek he made her look at him when their eyes meet the Lord could see a many kinds of emotions in her eyes he could see fear sadness and loneliness Insecurity that made his heart aches to see her like this " I will never harm you, Althea, I only wanted to protect you " the Lord said talking her right hand in his kissing the back of her hand

this time Althea didn't feel shy or look away she kept on staring at him with her eyes wide open protect her these two words shocked her she never knew what it feels to be protected to rely on someone they say girls are their fathers favorites but her father never loved her he hated her existence Althea felt a teardrop a skipped from her eye starting to roll down on her cheek only to be wiped by the Lord's thumb tenderly wiping it

getting back to her senses she took step back causing the Lord to let go of her hand " what do you want to know my Lord I will answer all your questions " she said with a change in her tone


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