healing heart
60 Confused feelings part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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60 Confused feelings part two

love him! does she Althea thought to herself I do feel safe around and I miss him when he is not around does this called love she felt worse than before she came here to clarify her doubts now everything is tangled in her mind thanks to her friend

looking at Jan Althea spoke " Is what thought of other of everything I told you "

Jan laughed softly and said " this is what you came to know Althea I just asked you directly you just have to answer with yes or no. so what it will be "

" No " Althea answered

" Alright then you don't have to be worried Althea " noticing the deadly glares that Althea was throwing at her Jan decided to pay at attention and push her a little further " if that was your true answer "

" It is. you don't have to use your psychological methods with me Jan " Althea replied. both of them fall silent after this long conversation which it did nothing to help Althea troubled mind it got her more confused

after the dinner Althea said that have to get back to the mansion it gets late Jan's mother tried to make her stay for the night but Althea refused politely saying that she will visit them again

" my someone is eager to go back quickly " Jan whispered teasingly so that just the two of them only could hear which she was rewarded for with slap on her arm and death glares from Althea

" that hurts " Jan cried rubbing her arm

" you deserve it " she heard Althea say " goodbye Jan "

she watched as Althea figure disappeared on the road as she walked away when Althea told about everything that happened with her secretly she felt happy that Lord was able to some of the ice that Althea surrounded her heart with all this time though she was supposed to warn her about her growing feelings she decided not to do that but does the Lord is kind-hearted as he appears to be Jan wondered

looking at the dark sky Althea regretted not staying at Jan house the weather was very cold and the wind was very strong she hurried her footsteps to reach to the mansion after sometime of walking Althea felt like there's someone is following her but when she looked behind her she didn't find anything so she continued walking this time she was more than sure that there is someone behind her when she wanted to turn around again she felt something hit her head hard feeling very dizzy from the strong hit her body collapsed and she fall on the ground before she loses her conscious completely she heard someone speak above her " this is your first warning " the man said something else but she couldn't keep her eyes open longer as darkness took over her


it was almost midnight and Althea still didn't came back to the mansion yet she said that she will be here before the sunset the old lady was worried about her something wasn't right Althea is never late could it be that something happened to her


at the Senate headquarters

the Lord was listening to the Senate members as they were discussing issues that was listed for today's meeting the Lord may appear that he is focusing on what the members are saying but his mind was elsewhere today the Lord had found out that Althea father is planning something he had to send some of his men to keep a close eye on Althea and her mother most of the men who have been sent have been dealt with but the Lord knew that there is something that he had missed her father is planning for something bigger. the sudden change at the Lord expressions got the attention of everyone in the room

raising his hand the Lord spoke before leaving the room " the meeting has been adjournment " the Lord left not giving any further explanations

following behind Takuma asked " what's wrong Kaname "

" Althea have been attacked " the Lord replied anger was clear in his voice
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    《healing heart》