healing heart
62 Guilt part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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62 Guilt part two

after the doctor left the Lord went to his room where Althea have been resting he knew that she will not like it when she wake up and find herself there but wouldn't allow her to leave until she is fully recovered the doctor informed him that she will be alright if she took enough rest the Lord sit on the chair that was near the bed the sight that was before him made his heartache if he was more careful nothing would have happened to her

taking her left hand in his he noticed how small her hand is compared to his lifting it carefully he kissed her hand gently to not distribute her face was pale and her temperature was high the doctor said that she might have a fever because the wound got infected

that night the Lord didn't leave her side nor did he slept he continued sitting on the chair near her putting a cold piece of cloth on her forehead and changing it after some time. the old had come and changed her in a clean nightgown morning came and Althea still didn't wake up her fever had subsided the Lord was worried so brought another doctor to examine her and he assured him that she will wake up once her body had enough rest saying that with the amount of blood she lost its completely normal that she still didn't regain her conscious

the second day had past and nothing changed the Lord was sitting beside her on the bed two days have passed and still didn't wake up touching her face he traced a line with his finger from her cheeks to her lips jawline and her neck then he went back to her eyes these blue eyes that he yearned to see them open for two days now lowering his face he placed a longing kiss on her forehead than he placed his forehead on hers the Lord closed his eyes hoping that she will wake up soon " I'm sorry " the Lord whispered to her though he knew that she will be not able to hear him


" we didn't find the man who attacked her but we were able to confirm everything you said it was Lord Hanadagi was behind all this " Takuma paused after hearing the window glass started cracking " Kaname you have to focus on Althea right now she needs you after that we will take care of everything " hearing her name the Lord instantly calmed down

" stay here Takuma I still have things I want to discusses with you," the Lord said while sipping his blood tablet drink

" Okay," the blonde vampire replied before asking " How is Althea now? "

" she still didn't wake up," the Lord said looking outside the window

sadness was clear in the Lord's voice for the last two days he didn't sleep nor ate, of course, he stayed by her side it was the first time that he saw the Lord like this it was clear that Althea is indeed special that she stole away the vampire's king heart without any effort

" she will be alright Kaname. good night " Takuma said before excusing himself. the Lord didn't reply he only nodded his head still looking out said the window

when the Lord returned to his room it was past midnight with only the bedside light on he could see that she still the same as he left her only her nightgown was different lady Chou must have changed it sitting on the chair near the bed the Lord took the book that he left it on the table and started to read it.

it was dawn when the Lord sensed a movement on the bed putting the book away he carefully called her with gentle voice " Althea "

the girl blinked her eyes a few times before opening them completely her vision still blurry the first thing she felt was the strong pain in her head

" Althea " the Lord called her again

hearing someone calling her name she looked at her side it took her a few seconds to realize who it was she wanted to say something but her throat hurt a bit noticing her discomfort the Lord took the glass of water that was placed on the bedside he brought the glass close to her mouth helping her to drink it Althea felt very weak to even lift her hand so she let him help her she drink half of the glass before she felt her throat was better " thank you " Althea spoke her voice was still weak

" Lord Kaname " Althea called

" Hmm " that was the Lord reply he was very happy to hear her voice but his reply made Althea a bit uncomfortable

" what happened to me I remember tha... " as she spoke she remembered what happened to her she was about to push the blanket off her to stand up but the Lord held her by her shoulders to stop

" please Lord Kaname my mother I need to see my mother " tears start to fall from her eyes she was afraid that her mother might be in danger

" don't worry I sent someone to make sure that she is safe," the Lord told her he sensed that she relaxed after hearing that
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    《healing heart》