healing heart
63 Guilt part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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63 Guilt part three

the Lord helped her sit on the bed comfortably by putting pillows behind her back the whole time Althea was looking down at her lap she felt very embarrassed once again she woke up in the Lord room on his bed that reminds her of the previous two times she could feel his eyes on her she wanted to say something to thank him but nothing came out and the increasing pain in her head didn't help either she looked up when she felt a hand touching her cheek gently

" don't think about anything now just focus on getting better alright " the Lord's voice was so gentle she didn't know why but his words made her feel safe seeing that he was waiting for a reply from her she nodded her

" I will be right back don't leave the bed " she heard the Lord say when she heard the door open and close she touched her head finally she was able to massaged it a bit the pain was killing her she looked down at her body she was wearing one of her nightgowns she wondered how she got here she didn't remember much about what happened only the man words " this is your first warning " what was he was warning me about Althea felt very scared this time the Lord saved her thinking about that made her wonder how did he found her she has to ask him about that after she recovers and thank him

she heard the door open revealing the Lord with a tray in his hands he made his way towards the bed placing the tray on the bed he sit on the edge of the bed beside her the food smell made her realize how hungry she was for how many days she was unconscious to be this hungry

" Althea " the Lord called her to get her attention and he did

" you must be hungry," the Lord said when he picked up the spoon from the tray and dipped in the soup seeing that he about to feed her Althea spoke " my Lord you don't have to... "

" shhh now you are very weak to do that I will feed you " she didn't argue with him more he was right she was very weak to even lift a finger bit by bit he fed her all the soup

the Lord was about to feed her more when Althea stopped him she is going to explode if ate more" I can't eat more my Lord thank you but I'm full "

putting the tray away he went back to sit beside her " how do you feel now " the Lord asked taking her hand in between his

" apart from the headache, I'm good " Althea answered looking at her hand that is held by the Lord

she saw him look at her like he was thinking about something then he spoke " may I " the Lord asked touching the bandage on her head

" yes " she replied she thought that he wanted to change the bandage

the Lord unwrapped the bandage carefully not touching the wound when he removed the bandage completely Althea prepared her self to feel the sting from the antiseptic when she heard the Lord speak " stay still Althea this won't hurt "

she felt the Lord hold her her head with the both of his hands what is he doing Althea thought before she heard him speak again " relax Althea " suddenly she felt something warm and wet moving across the wound " Lord Kaname " she clenched the blanket tightly at the sudden contact he rubbed her back gently so she won't be scared

it hurt a bit at first but then she started to feel the pain in her head disappearing and it was replaced with a warm heat it made her relax her body unwillingly her eyelids felt heavy if this continued she is going to fall asleep soon she thought just when she thought that she is going to fall asleep she felt the the Lord kissing her forehead she opened her eyes and found the Lord looking at her lovingly he was as they a god in a human form she never looked at any man like this in her entire life

" does it feel better now " she heard the Lord ask her she touched her head where the wound was but there was nothing like it never was

" yes. but how " she was confused everything that she was feeling just now disappeared how did he do that

" healing is purebloods ability " the Lord paused for a while before asking " are you scared "

" what no why I would be actually I should thank you, you have done so much for me " looking at her smiling like this it made his heart feel warm the Lord returned her smile with his charming one making her once again lose her focus he looked very charming when he smiles Althea thought.
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    《healing heart》