healing heart
65 Dangers turn
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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65 Dangers turn

Althea was awakened by the terrifying sound of the thunder the weather was very cold these days when she looked at the time it was five in the morning she went back to sleep she has to wake up at seven so it's still early to wake up she covered her self with the blanket and closed her eyes trying to go back to sleep after a few minutes she falls asleep again

the Lord has been away for two weeks now Althea wondered when he will be back as she was cleaning the library for her nothing was the same after that night the Lord had slept with her in the same bed he held her in close in his arms she tried to not fall asleep but the warmth that she felt as she was in his arms was something that she never felt before she felt safe in a strange way and at the same time she didn't want to stop him and when she woke up that morning she was alone in the bed the Lord wasn't there she felt some kind of emptiness but at the same time she was relieved that he wasn't there

she wasn't aware of the dangers turn that her feelings were taking, Althea is young and very beautiful her alluring beauty could still the heart of any man and yet she never loved or experience anything close to it her first experience in life was a very tuff one it made her lose trust in herself she felt ashamed of herself and distance herself from anyone and anything but something begins to change in her after she met the Lord somehow he started to break the wall that she built around her heart

" Oh god you scared me Hana," Althea said as she patted her chest she didn't hear the sound of the door opening " when did you come in "

" just now " Hana answered " are you alright Althea you seemed to be absent-minded these days, " Hana asked her she was worried about her the other day she almost burned her hand she was about to touch the hot pot thankfully she stopped her in time

Althea laugh awkwardly before replying " I'm fine completely fine nothing to worry about " than she returned to cleaning the shelves

" I heard that the Lord will be back after ten days " Hana started a conversation as she helped her

Althea stopped what she was doing after she heard this for a few " something must have happened " Althea answered before going to the next shelf

" yes, my husband told me that many level e's appeared in the two the last a few days as I told you before he works at the hunters association " Hana explained

" but that is not the first time that happens, " Althea said as she reorganized the books she thought that the previous order not right

" well that what I told him too but he said it's different this time and asked me to be careful and to not go out at night " Althea wondered if how attacked her that night was a level e vampire but if it was she wouldn't be alive

" I hope nothing bad happens " Althea replied as she looked at the new way that she organized the books in checking it for the last time before she moves on to the next shelf when she saw Hana worried face she knew that she worried about her husband

" so Hana tell me how you met your husband, " Althea asked trying to distract her mind a bit

Hana smiled when she heard Althea question " hmmm " Hana hummed thinking about when she first met her husband " I was working at grocery shop that was across the hunter's association and he sometimes came to buy something's from the shop then he started to come every day at first I didn't notice but then I started to wait for him every day to come " Hana laughed at the Old memories

"and then we started to met every day after I'm done with my work I begin to fall in love with him every passing day he was very handsome but that was not what I liked about him he was a real gentleman and a kindhearted " Hana stopped talking to wipe the tears from her eyes Althea patted her back in comfort manner

" I'm fine ok let finches the story oh where did I stop " Hana started thinking

" that he is a kindhearted " Althea reminded her

" Oh yes after some time he asked to meet my parents and then we got married and that's it " Althea smiled at her the Hana was blushing with every passing second

" will I'm sure that a good man with the way you speak about him," Althea said still smiling

" indeed he is you know every time I go back home he bearly let touch anything or even cook he says that I just have to rest and he will do everything " that made Althea a bit shocked such men only exist in romance novels she thought

" now I really envy you," Althea said and the two females laughed together out loud


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