healing heart
66 Stubborn
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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66 Stubborn

at the long dinner table all the maids we're having dinner vampires and humans from the corner of her, Althea could say the two girls who got her into troubles before the both of them were looking at her and whispering something Althea shifted her eyes away and continued to eat her dinner and listening to Hana while she was telling her something funny about her kids the

after the dinner the maids started to clean the kitchen Althea was washing the dishes when she was done with cleaning them she started to dry them when Althea was carrying the dishes to put them in the cupboard one of the maids collided with her luckily Althea was able to manage to not make all the dishes fall but two of them have fallen on the ground and smashed into pieces

" you broke the dishes what a clumsy person you are " the maid started scolding Althea as if it's not her fault of not paying attention to where she was going

Althea didn't want to cause problems she placed the dishes in the cupboard then returned to pick up the broken pieces of the dishes but the maid seems to have no intention of letting Althea off she

" what a rude person you are who do you think yourself " seeing no reaction came from her the maid went on with her provoking words " you act so cocky when you are an illegitimate child who... "

" what did you say " Althea who was cleaning the floor suddenly spoke she was going to make speak all that she wants but when she heard the last words she lost her last bit of patience

" I said that you are an illegitimate chi.." the strong sound of the slap was heard clearly in the kitchen

everyone gasped at the sight that they just witnessed once again two of the maids went to look for lady Chou before the situation get bigger

Althea grabbed the girl hair roughly and the girl whined in pain " I will burn you alive if you ever repeated these words again did you hear me " Althea warned her

before she does more Hana stopped her " Althea that's enough I think she learned her lesson "

Althea let go of her the strong girl from earlier now she looked like a frightened sheep Althea knew that someone was behind her this is not the first time she wasn't planning to do anything but the words that she said it angered her and without releasing she slapped very hard on her face that it left a mark on the girls face if Hana didn't stop her on time she maybe have killed her

" are you alright " she heard Hana speak beside her

" I'm fine " Althea replied and she went back to continue her work seeing her still angry Hana decided to give her some time calm down

" everyone leave the kitchen except you Althea " the maids heard the old lady say and all of them left except Hana she didn't want to leave her friend alone but the old lady gives no choice when signaled her to leave

" what happened Althea", the old lady asked with a firm tone but Althea didn't answer the old lady was left with no choice but to punish her this time " alright then Althea didn't answer if you don't want but you are going to be punished think time "

Althea looked at the old lady like she was saying that is this the best you can do the old lady closed her eyes taking a deep breath she knew how stubborn Althea is and even if she punished her it won't have effect on her " you will clean the kitchen every day a month alone even if you don't have time to sleep I don't care if I found any unclean spot you clean it again do hear me Althea " Althea continued looking at the old lady without speaking and that angered the older more

" by the way, your punishment starts from tonight," the old lady said before she left the kitchen


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