healing heart
68 Mixed feelings part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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68 Mixed feelings part two

why her? yes that was a great question and he didn't know the answer for it he himself couldn't find the reason behind his feelings for her the first time he saw her he was struck by her beauty how a human can be this beautiful he thought she left him speechless days went by and he couldn't stop thinking about her he would watch everything she does how she smiles and how she cries and how she speaks

everything about her was mesmerizing him and when he knew everything about how she lived and how she suffered he wanted to protect her to give everything that she desires but she was damaged refusing to open her heart for him no matter what he did, be now something have changed the Lord could tell by the look in her eyes

" I don't know either " the Lord finally spoke to break the long silent " all I know that you took my breath away the moment that I saw and I couldn't stop thinking about you " the Lord spoke honestly

she watched him hold her hand gently kissing the back of it his words made her dizzy she couldn't help but think how could a Lord like him no he isn't just a Lord his the vampires king have feelings for someone like her a human and the illegitimate child of the Hanadagi Lord it was hard for her to believe something like this could be real

" if you continued staring at me like this I might lose control " she heard him say his face was very close to hers she could feel his warm breath touching her skin

" you have a beautiful eyes Althea that can make anyone lost just by looking in them " her heart skipped a beat when she heard his words

unable to take it anymore she stood up and bowed to him " I'm sorry my Lord I have to go " she went back inside the mansion not daring to look behind her when she entered the mansion she heard lady Chou calling her name

what a bad time Althea thought " yes lady Chou " she turned around facing the old lady

the old lady frowned when she looked at her face " why is your face so red are you having a cold? " the old lady asked while checking her temperature

" No no I'm fine " Althea smiled awkwardly just when she thought that she had escaped from the Lord she saw him coming towards them " I have some work in the kitchen I will go finish it " with this lie she ran towards the kitchen

however the old lady was aware of what happened in the garden earlier she watched how the Lord held Althea in his arms like she was the most precious thing in the world the old lady couldn't help but smile it's the first time she sees this side of the Lord in her heart she wished that nothing bad happen in the future


Althea who has been hidden from the Lord almost for the whole day she didn't dare to come out from the kitchen until it was night time she looked around the hall to see if anyone one still there seeing no one there she started to walk towards her room

" Althea " Althea froze upon hearing that voice her plan to sneak to her have failed she couldn't turn around and look at him knowing what he will ask hearing his foot's steps nearing she wanted to run to some place to hide

" Althea " the Lord called her again with the gentle tone he touched her face with the back of his hand hoping that she will look at him " look at me Althea " the Lord spoke with a low voice to not scare her but she didn't look she just stood there unmoving

getting more closer to her the Lord picked her up in his arms, her eyes become wide from the shock " put me down what if someone saw us " she whispered to him

now it's the Lord turn to become silent he looked down at the girl in his arms ignoring her death glares and started to walk upstairs with her in his arms
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    《healing heart》