healing heart
69 Feeling Safe and Protective
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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69 Feeling Safe and Protective

when they reached the Lord quarters he went to his bedroom he put her gently on the bed not moving his eyes from her he continued to watch her she was nervous and afraid the Lord frowned upon seeing this not wanting to scare her more he sit beside her on the bed taking her hand in his massaging the back of it gently that action made look up at him she saw the Lord smiling at her he raised his other hand to brush the hair that was covering her eyes away than he cupped the side of her face for some reason Althea didn't reject all of his actions she continued to look at his eyes to the point that she felt like she was lost in them

" you are wondering why I brought her at this time " she heard the Lord says that's when she realized that she had been gazing at him shamelessly for some time now she Lowered her head hoping to hide her embarrassment the Lord noticed how she was looking at him he thought that was improvement but he acted as nothing happened

" I want to to speak to you about something " he pause putting his hand under her chin making her look at him " in the next days when you want to go to visit your mother please don't go alone it's dangerous to go out alone these days Althea do you understand what I said " the Lord was being careful with his words he didn't want to tell her that her father has ordered his man to bring her alive

" but why? " finally she spoke after the long silent the Lord thought

taking her other hand in his the Lord spoke " for now I can't say much but once everything is settled I will tell you everything but you have to promise me to do as I told you " the Lord's eyes fall on the scars that were on the left side of her face

" I promise " Althea spoke she was aware that he was looking at the burns scars and that made her feel uncomfortable she lowered her head not wanting him to look more she hated when anyone does that

she looked up when she felt the Lord touching her scars softly with the tips of his fingers as if he was soothing her to not be afraid and open her heart to him she fell him tracing a line from her cheek and stopping at her neck she saw him lowering his head to the side of her face just when she wanted to stop him from coming closer she felt him kissing the place where her scars was her whole body froze but that didn't stop him he kissed her scars all the way to her neck and finally placing one last kiss on her forehead than he looked down at her with a warm gaze

Althea was still processing what just happened when she felt him draw her in his arms wrapping his arms around her holding her tightly they stayed like this for some time Althea couldn't deny the feelings that she felt as she was in his arms she felt safe a feeling that she could only fell in her mother embrace but why she is feeling more protective whenever he touched her maybe because he helped her many times and saved her life that she no longer feels that he is dangerous she decided to stop thinking about it too much and just thank him and leave the room
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    《healing heart》