healing heart
70 Heart Conflict part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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70 Heart Conflict part one

he was staring at her beautiful features even if is sleeping her beauty is breathtaking the Lord gaze softened when he saw how her hand was holding the front of his shirt if someone saw her earlier how she was refusing to sleep here and how her body was stiff when she was in his arms but her body had given up resistance once the Lord started to run his hand through her hair she unwillingly fall asleep

" you are very beautiful " the Lord whispered to the sleeping girl in his arms looking at her long eyelashes that almost touching her cheeks from her closed eyes to her rosy lips he touched her lower lip gently to not weak her up her lips felt soft to his touch how he wanted to kiss this lips badly until her lips would be sore but now that can't happen he must be patient with her right now she is at a very delicate phase in her life and he wanted her to know that she has someone that she can rely on

kissing her cheeks gently the Lord pulled her closer to him covering her body with the blanket making sure that she doesn't feel cold


while Althea was sleeping in the Lord room the old lady was looking for her she searched for her in her room but she wasn't there she searched in the garden but she was nowhere to be found she thought that she would find her in the library but once she got there the room was dark and no one was there that's odd the old lady thought where she could have gone she was about to knock on the Lord bedroom when the door suddenly opened revealing the Lord

" good evening my Lord I'm sorry that I had to disturb you at such hour but I was looking for Althea have you seen her? " the old lady asked

" yes she is sleeping " the Lord replied looking back at the sleeping girl on his bed

the old frowned upon hearing this but she spoke nothing about it and did she saw him smiling as he spoke the old lady felt like she doesn't know the man who is standing in front of her she didn't know that Althea has that special place in the Lord's heart. having nothing to worry about the old lady excused herself

the next day when Althea woke up she felt a pair of hands around her waist hugging her close she blushed realizing how Intimate their position is right now she tried to get out of his hold but she couldn't her movement have caused the Lord to wake up she suddenly felt the arm that was around her waist loosened when she thought that she is finally going to escape she heard the Lord's voice

" good morning Althea " upper hearing his voice her body froze what she should do for God sake she was in the vampire's king bed now one will react normally in this situation

the Lord chuckled at her actions it's like the more she tried to run away from him the more he wanted her " you are more alluring when you are blushing " the Lord whispered in her ear

Althea's eyes widen upon hearing this her heart skipped a beat only to start beating fast the weather was very cold outside but she felt it's very hot her mind failed to know how she should react but something told her to get out of her before something out of her control happens

she looked up meeting the Lord's eyes and spoke " Lord Kaname please let me go this is completely wrong " she pointed out to there intimate position

but the Lord response was taking her hand and kissing her palm while looking in her eyes and turning it kissing the back of her hand before finally releasing her hand " you can go if you want but I would love to spend more time with you... "

" stop please I'm begging you I I need to go now " before the Lord could say anything she got of the bed and left the room

once she got to her room without anyone noticing she went directly to the bathroom after spending some time in the bathtub hoping to forget about everything that happened but the Lord words kept on repeating on her mind

" you are more alluring when you are blushing "

" I would love to spend more time with you "

she faced slapped herself for not controlling her emotions " for God sake girl keep it together " she scolded herself
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    《healing heart》