healing heart
71 Heart conflict part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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71 Heart conflict part two

in the next days Althea avoided having long conversations with Lord only small talks when he asks for her or when she brings the meals for him now that Lord has made it clear for her that he will not give up on her it was kinda weird for her she feels that she has to not acknowledge his feelings towards her but at the same time she is not bothered by it she wasn't that fool to not notice that she started to have feelings for him and how can not anyone doesn't have his beauty can mesmerize any female let alone her

but no even if the Lord is a good person they can't be together it impossible and she won't allow it she has a responsibility to take care of her mother, her mother is her utmost importance other than that it's not important to her

as she was thinking of all of this she was watching the Lord from her window leaving to the Senate he had asked for her a while ago but she didn't go knowing how passionate the Lord became towards her she avoided seeing him off. a smile appeared on her lips when the Lord turned around looking at her window through the window was closed and the curtains are closed he sensed her heart beats he stared at her window for a moment before for turning around and leaving once she saw him leaving Althea closed her eyes and placed her hand on her beating heart it was beating very fast like it was about to escape from her chest.


at evening the maids were preparing for the dinner the Lord will be having an important guests most of them are purebloods and Senate members

knocking on the Lord bedroom Althea waited for her permission to enter " come in " she heard the Lord voice from inside the room

opening the door to enter she was welcomed with the most charming sight it's not like she didn't see him well dressed before but this time there was something different about him he looked no less than a God " how could someone be this majestic " a voice in her head wondered

noticing that she was standing there staring at him for a long time she cleared her throat before she speaks" are you ready my Lord " she asked to see him fixing his necktie

walking closer to she offered to help him "May I "

the Lord turned around letting her fixe it due to the height difference she found hard to fix it she was short compared to the Lord she tried to tiptoe but she couldn't get it right

the Lord bend down a little when he noticed her difficulty with fixing it due to his height " is this alright " the Lord asked

" yes " was all she could manage to say she tried to construe on fixing the tie and not looking at his face as she was done she afraid that she tied it a little too much

" is it too tight? " she asked taking a step back

" no " the Lord replied walking to her closing the distance that she created it between them " I haven't seen you this morning, " the Lord asked her with his gentle tone

it was hard for Althea to think straight whenever he spoke her with that tone and added to that that he was very close to her too close to her comfort zone " I... I was sleeping my Lord " she avoided meeting his eyes for God knows what will happen if looked

" is that so? " the Lord asked cupping her face making her look at him she saw him smiling warmly at her waiting for her to answer

" y... yes my Lord I was sleeping " she couldn't stop stuttering it was a habit since she was a little child whenever she lies she starts to stutter

the Lord stared at her amused by her behavior she was cuter when she is embarrassed. caressing her face affectionately with the back of his hand he stepped closer to her placing the both of his hands on her waist

when his hands grabbed her waist she wanted to move away immediately but his grab on her waist was very firm as brought her body more closely to his

in a reaction, she placed both of her hands on his chest trying to prevent the unknown

bringing his lips close to her ear " I hope you slept well because after the dinner you are going with me to somewhere " the Lord whispered with his husky voice

Althea: "…!!"
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    《healing heart》