healing heart
72 Heart conflict part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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72 Heart conflict part three

she frowned upon hearing what he said forgotten about the position that she was in her hands on his chest and his hands were on her waist she asked " where? "

" you will know later now I have guests to attend to " he brushed some of her hair that was covering her eyes as he spoke to have a better view of these beautiful eyes

the Lord released his grab on her waist only to give her a gentle kiss on her forehead before going out of the room leaving a bewilderment Althea in the room she stood there for a few seconds trying to process what he happened touching her forehead where Lord had kissed she blushed

what confused her more that she wasn't bothered by the Lord touche. her mind was a mass she didn't know if she should laugh or cry at her situation

at the dining room

" it's good to see you Sara " the Lord greeted the pureblood female Sara

" it's my honor to be here my Lord, " the blonde female said " you look handsome as always my Lord " she added

the Lord coldly smiled at her words " you look beautiful as well " the Lord spoke coldly before he excused himself to greet the rest of the guests

the blonde female watched the Lord as he welcomed his guests warmly her high senses picked up the smell of human on him that confirm the gossips that she heard the vampire king is taking an interest in a human that made her curiosity peak to see this human she came especially today for that reason not only her was curious about this human the longtime Senate member Asato Ichijo was curious too

the Lord was aware of the gossip that has spread and he was aware too of Sara motives of coming to the dinner tonight he has lived far too long to understand the Senate filthy tricks

right now it's important to protect Althea because once they know who she really is the troubles will come to hunt her and he can't let that happen she was a human too fragile she can die very easily he can't let this happen her biggest weak point was her mother knowing the Senate members evil minds the could use her mother to threaten her

most of the guests had left leaving only a few most of them are from the Senate members who wanted to discuss some important matters with the Lord

" we have heard that took fancy on a human maid is that true my Lord? " one of the Senate members asked

the Lord chuckled coldly upon hearing the old vampire question " I didn't know that my personal matters was the utmost importance to the Senate " the Lord spoke with a cold tone " and replying to your question no there is no such thing and now excuse me I think it's very late and I believe we have an important meeting tomorrow morning " the Lord spoke as he led them toward the main exit

outside the mansion

after completing her work Althea went out to have some fresh air it was a very tiring day she spent more than three hours standing in the kitchen she went to her favorite place on the mansion garden sitting there she was unaware that someone was following her

" and what a beautiful girl like you doing at this time of night doing here " she heard someone asking her

turning around she saw women or rather a girl who is the same as her age standing behind her the female looked very beautiful her hair was very long with a soft wives the black dress that she was wearing it fit her very well she must be one of the guests Althea thought

standing up from her place Althea approached her " good evening my lady how can I help you? " Althea asked her with a polite tone.
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    《healing heart》