healing heart
73 The New Place part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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73 The New Place part one

the Shirabuki heiress examined the girl who was in front of her she had to admit it to herself the girl was very beautiful even though she was wearing a maid clothe it did nothing to hide her beauty.

" yes it seems that I have forgotten how to go back " Sara spoke smiling

" it's alright my lady I will show you the way " Althea spoke guiding her to the main entrance of the mansion

when they were near the entrance Althea saw the Lord standing there speaking to someone she shifted her gaze away once their eyes met

" there it is my lady have a good night " Althea spoke

" Oh thank you so much for your help " Sara spoke turning to look at the Lord who was now looking coldly at her she smiled before turning around leaving

Althea bowed to the pureblood female before going back to the mansion she saw that the Lord didn't go back inside but he stood there she sighed as she walked towards the entrance " this is going to be a long night " she mumbled to herself

" can I help you with something my Lord " Althea asked him as she arrived at the entrance

the Lord bend over placing a kiss on her forehead before speaking " nothing " once again his voice made her heart escape a beat before she could recover from the sudden kiss she heard him ask " why are you not sleeping it's a bit late "

looking up at him she couldn't help but think did he forgot what he said she took a step back before speaking " my Lord didn't you say that you want me to go somewhere with you? "

" yes I'm very sorry for not telling you that it had been delayed to tomorrow now go to sleep you look tired " he spoke looking at her face becoming redder with every passing second. she nodded her head before leaving once she reached to her room she throw her body on the bed the Lord affection was too much for her to handle her heart is too young to handle all of this

does he really love her? she asked herself

feeling embraced by her thoughts she covered her face with her pillow hoping to stop thinking these things after some time she got off the bed looking at the time she realized that it was too late she hurriedly changed her clothes into her nightgown and went to sleep


the next morning

" what but you didn't tell about that No no I'm not going," said Althea who was shocked when she heard the old lady words

after the breakfast, the old lady informed her that she will be leaving with Lord to the east mansion it is smaller than the one that they staying at currently. the reason why the Lord decided to go there is completely unknown he didn't give any details when he informed the old lady when it comes to the Lord decisions she hardly could predict what he is up to

" listen to me this is not my orders it's the Lord orders and I'm warning you do not disobey him you only have seen the good side of him " the old lady warned her giving her no choice

" fine " was the only thing she said before going to her room to pack her clothes

the Lord was watching everything that happened with Takuma his friend from above he was amused that his girl has agreed so easily to go he thought that she will be more stubborn it and she will come to him telling that she's refusing to go,

" I thought it will very hard to convince her " Takuma spoke looking at his friend

something has changed in her the Lord thought indeed his precious girl is able to surprise him with every passing day.


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