healing heart
74 The New Place part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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74 The New Place part two

looking around her the first thing Althea noticed that it felt warmer than the other mansion and it's smaller. taking a deep breath she turned around to the other two maids that have been sent with her to go to their rooms to get settled

now Althea will be the housekeeper for this mansion unlike the previous one where the old lady was the one who is in charge of everything, but her being responsible for everything that was scaring her she hoped that everything goes well. look at the time she realized that it was a bit late she got Lost in her thought that she didn't realize how much time has passed


while serving the dinner Althea kept her eyes on a curtain maid the girl was younger than Althea and she clearly was very nervous and with the Lord presences the young girl was afraid that she will make a mistake. watching how her hands while shaking as she was pouring the soup it was clear that she make a mass " let me do it " Althea who was watching the young girl stepped closer to the girl with a gentle tone she offered to help her

after the dinner was done everyone including Althea was very tired after cleaning the kitchen and making sure that everything was perfect she went to her room and after taking a warm bath she bearly could make her eyes open once her head touched the pillow she fall asleep immediately forgetting about even drying her hair

as she was sleeping suddenly she didn't hear the sound of the door opening nor did she felt that someone was sitting on the bedside watching her

the first things the Lord noticed is her nightgown that started to get wet from her damp hair taking the towel that was in her hands he started to drying it gently careful not to wake her once he was done he gathered her hair pushing it away from her body and that when the Lord noticed how long her hair was so soft and very thick he wondered if she like it to be this long not he would mind it, he himself was very fascinated by its beauty thinking of that the Lord decided to not allow her to cut it it will be a waste to cut this beautiful hair

as the Lord was running his fingers gently in her hair she turned around so that now she was sleeping on her back causing her body to be exposed to the coldness of the winter as she was missing the warmth of the blanket she reached her hand to find the Lord chuckled as he covered her back with the blanket and placing a kiss on her forehead the Lord was about to stand up to leave the room before he heard her speak in her sleepiness " please stop "

he heard her say the same words before when she was sick at the time he thought that she was hallucinating due to the fever but now she was sick that means that something happened to her in the past to hunt her in her dreams not having the heart to leave her the Lord went back beside her on the bed pulling her in his arms gently stroking her back in a comforting manner

at dawn the Lord couldn't stop thinking about her word and how scared she was he must find how did this disgraceful thing to her he can only imagine how frightened and desperate she was at the time he tried before to find out who he was but nothing was found no single trace was found no one saw anything the only information he knew that the owner of the shop found her laying on the floor and nothing more
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    《healing heart》