healing heart
75 A Gift that brought back memories
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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75 A Gift that brought back memories

the days went by very quickly for Althea in the new mansion in a blink of an eye a weak have passed everything went very smoothly she and the other two maids got close very quickly she was like a big sister for them Althea has always wanted to have siblings or a younger sister so she treats them as her sisters she felt pity for them to be forced to work at such young age rather than being at school that did remind her of herself that's why whenever they do something wrong she couldn't bring herself to scold them but show them how to do it gently without hurting there feelings

" sister Althea is it good now " one of the maids spoke both of them are calling her sister Althea or big sister

Althea who was done putting the flowers in the vase turned around to look at the table a smile of satisfaction appeared on her lips the girl finally learned how to organize a dinner table perfectly after a week of practicing " yes it is. well done now go bring the wine glass " Althea spoke patting the girl's hair gently

" I didn't know that you had such warm tone, it's pity that I don't get the chance to hear it " the Lord spoke leaning on one of the windows

looking behind her Althea was startled by the lord sudden appearance the vase that was in her hand it almost fall on the floor but luckily she managed to hold it and place it on the small table by the window " well good evening my lord " she greeted him avoiding answering his question

" the dinner will be ready in ten minutes " she was about to leave the room when she felt the lord catch wrist she looked at her hand that was held by the then she lifted her head looking at his very handsome face " do you need something, my lord?"

" No " the Lord replied brushing her lower lip with his thumb " after the dinner come to my room " the lord whispered in her ear his hot breath touching her skin making her unwillingly close kissing her the said of her lips before leaving the room

Althea: "…"

what!!!!! his room!!! is he crazy? she wanted to scream very badly right now but that was not an option right now she has more important things to do, she went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner


before she could knock on the door was suddenly opened revealing the lord " come in " the Lord said when he saw her staring at him unmoving he pulled her inside gently the sound of the door closing got her back to her senses she wasn't scared but very nervous and the lord eyes on her added more to her nervousness

" is there something you need my lord? " she asked trying her best to not sound nervous but her voice betrayed her

the lord smiled gently at her trying to ease her nervousness " sit, please " the lord side and she did following the lord movements with her eyes she wondered what's going on

she saw the lord approaching her she thought that he is going to sit beside her but he passed her and stood behind her she was about to ask him what's going on when she heard him speak " close your eyes Althea " but she didn't she looked at him questioning what going on

" don't be scared I won't do anything to so can you please close your eyes for me " she couldn't say more with his gentle voice and his charming smile he had complete control of her mind right now

when she closed her eyes she felt his hand touching hers " stand up " she heard him say because she wasn't seeing anything now with her eyes closed she let him help her she felt him push her gently to walk forward it was a few steps they walked before stopping she felt him move to stand behind placing his hand on her waist " open your eyes " she heard him say

and when she did she found a big black box her heart started to bet very fast could that be what is thinking but how did he know about it turning around she met the lord eyes she wanted to say something but she couldn't the lord understood her mixed emotions he didn't rush her to open it giving her the time to slowly digest her emotions

" that is...how did...? "

" open it " the lord cut her off

"I can't " she admitted honestly

" yes you can " turning her around the lord placed her hand on the box " open it " the lord whispered in her ear

with shaking hands, she opened it looking at the object inside the box she couldn't hold back her tears extending her hand she touched that musical instrument it's been years since she last touched it


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