healing heart
76 A Gift that brought back memories part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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76 A Gift that brought back memories part two

touching the surface of the violin Althea body shivered as she touched it its been a very long time since she last touched it or played with it since she was young Althea wanted to be a violin instrumentalist she was very passionate about it every day after school she spent the day practicing though her teachers told that was gifted and doesn't need any practicing but she didn't stop at the age of thirteen she was considered as professional but life was not generous to her she had to drop the school and her dreams adding to that the accident that happened to her three years ago

" how did you know? " she asked him tears still falling from her eyes not bothering to wipe them

she felt him turning her around facing him using his thumb he wiped her tears " this is your birthday present do you like it? " the Lord asked her back not answering her question

" birthday present! " it was her birthday yet she forgot it she did know what she was supposed to feel right now he brought the violin for her as a gift in her life only her mother who brought her presents but after her mother got sick she didn't accept a gift from anyone she would politely reject

them but this person who is standing in front of her right now wasn't just anyone he was the vampire's king

" I'm sorry lord Kaname but I can not accept it because I have my reasons " she spoke looking up meeting the lord red eyes and with the way he was looking at her right now it was hard for her to speak

" go on," he said given her the chance to speak

taking a deep breath she started to speak " I... I..." not knowing how to say it or rather what to say she started to stutter

at first, she wanted to tell him that it's not right for someone like him a lord no the vampire's king to gift someone like her a maid who is working for him their states is completely different

"I know what you are thinking but you have to know one thing " she heard the Lord say placing his forehead on hers the lord whispered softly to her " I love you, Althea, and I don't care about anything else I only want you Althae "

her heart skipped its bet more than one time at his words is this what they name a love confession what she should do now she was confused scared and panicked " what should I do? " she kept on repeating that question to herself she never knew what being in love is like or being loved by someone she only read romance novels and real life is different from a romance novels that much she knew can she fall in love and live a happy life can this happen to her with him thinking about this made her heart beating very strongly she felt like about to faint feeling her legs have gone weak she tried to hold on into something

" are you alright Althea? " the Lord asked holding her making sure that could stand on her own feet

Althea lifted her head her blue eyes meeting his red ones both of them kept their gaze on each other in his eyes she could see all kind of emotions once that she can never keep up with she felt that her hands started to sweat when she saw the lord looking at her lips

clearing her throat she spoke " I'm alright lord Kaname you can let me go now " and he did taking a step away from her giving her some space

both of them became silent it was as they call an awkward silent well it was only awkward for Althea as for the lord he seemed very relaxed waiting patiently for her answer.


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