healing heart
77 His experienced hands
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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77 His experienced hands

that night it was very hard for Althea to fall asleep she tossed around the bed trying to sleep but nothing worked it was the most eventful birthday she ever had the Lord said that he loves her that was very surprising she never experienced these kind feelings before she felt confused shocked and at the time happy and warm from the inside the only thing that she managed to say to the lord sudden is

" I need time " she replied after a long time of silent

the lord smiled hearing that, pulling her in his arms he hugged her tightly this time it didn't felt wrong to be in his arms nor did she fight it " if time is what you need then you shall have it " she heard the Lord say as he kissed the top of her head she was glad that he didn't push more giving her the time to digest everything that is happening

Althea did not know when she did fall asleep last night when she opened her eyes it was already morning looking at the time it eight in the morning " thank god it's still early " she mumbled to herself as she got off and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day she forgot that the lord has an early meeting outside the town today

she got dressed very quickly picking up the brush she started to comb her hair as she heard someone knock on the door " come in "

"good morning sister Althea, the lord is asking for you " the young maid informed her

" thank you I will go now " Althea replied combing her hair very quickly she tied it up with a hairpin and went to the kitchen to prepare the lord breakfast

" good morning lord Kaname, I apologize for being late," she said as she put the tray on the table

" you don't need to apologize, Althea, " the Lord replied taking the teacup from her hand " come sit beside me " he pointed to the empty space on the sofa

" I'm fine here," Althea said

" Althea " the Lord called her with his gentle tone

hearing him calling her name with this tone she didn't argue anymore she sit obediently beside him looking everywhere in the room but him

the lord chuckled as he watched her getting nervous by every passing moment " look at me Althea " and she did

she saw the lord smiling at her it was an adoration look she always sees that look in his eyes whenever he looked at her it made her wonder about what he saw in her a maid and an illegitimate child she has nothing compared to him

" what is the matter, Althea? " the lord noticed the sudden change in her behavior

" it's nothing, I will go to pack the..." she was about to stand up when the lord pulled her back gently to sit again

" there is no need to pack anything the meeting was delayed to the next week " Althea heard him say as she felt her tide up hair loosen

does this have to happen now she cursed herself for not tying it more tightly " than I will go now I have a lot of work to do " she wanted to leave as fast as possible

" hmm but how you will go out like this it will be inappropriate don't you think, " the Lord said looking at her almost fully loosen hair and as expected rising her eyebrow she glared at him the lord always loved seeing this side of her angry and flustered

" turn around I will braid it for you " she heard the Lord say

Althea "…"

" What! " did she heard him right

the lord laughed lightly " turn around Althea " he repeated

is he a pervert she couldn't help but think about this as she turned around

she felt him remove the hairpin that was hanging loosely in her then it was followed by his fingers combing it the lord was amazed by its softness his fingers could run smoothly through it " your hair is very soft " the Lord said still combing her hair with his fingers

her face became very read when she heard say this "pervert " she mumbled under her breath

" it's done " the Lord spoke after he was done braiding her hair kissing her cheek

God when is this day is going to end Althea thought. she cannot take more of his teasing

" thank yo..." the Lord put his finger on her lips silencing her

" didn't I told to not thank me for anything I do for you if say it again I will kiss you until you go breathless " the lord whispered his face so close to hers that she could feel his breath on her face

Althea "…"


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