healing heart
78 kind hearted
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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78 kind hearted

once she got out of the room she went to the nearest window to breath some fresh air her face still burning hot from the lord words well never in her life have imagined that the vampire's king has such flirting side she

touching her she looked her braided hair looking at it actually it was nicely done how could someone like him know who to do these things is he really a pervert and no knew about it she laughed to herself at this thought

but where did he get this black hair ribbon she didn't notice until now he didn't move or went anywhere so where did this come from? she thought

not wanting to wast more time she went downstairs to finish her work for the day

when Althea went to the kitchen she was welcomed with a weird sight the young maid Inna the girl was eating all the piece that she had made last night it's not the first she sees this sight this girl can eat so much

" Inna stop eating too many sweets or you will get sick " Althea scolded her as she was picking the ingredients for today meals

" sorry but I can't help it " the little girl looked at her with a sad look

Althea noticed the girl sad look she came to sit beside her " you know I'm just concerned about you " Althea said to see the young girl started to cry

" what's wrong Inna? " Althea asked her with a gentle tone patting her head

" it's my fault " Althea heard the girl say as she was crying and something told that there is something wrong with her she continued patting her head gently while the young cried in her arms

after some time the young girl lifted her head looking up at her Althea could feel that Inna wanted to tell her something but she was hesitating

" you can tell me what is bothering you maybe I can help, " Althea told the young girl kissing the top of her head

hearing this the girl felt that she can trust Althea she has been so good to her since they came here and she really needs someone to help her with her problem

" I... I'm pregnant " Althea heard the girl say in an almost whisper

" what did you say? " Althea asked her again not sure that she heard it right

the girl lowered her head down ashamed of herself Althea noticed the young girl reaction she lifted the girl and made her look at her " listen to me don't be ashamed I'm sorry I overreacted

" she tried to not scare the young girl

seeing the girl nodded her head she asked her carefully " can you tell me who is he? "

the girl told Althea everything how she met that man and how he convinced that he loved and will marry her but once he knew that she was pregnant she never saw him again Althea was very shocked that the men were much older than Inna for god sake didn't he know that she is a minor what a sick bastard

"do your parents know? " Althea asked her

" No, I can't tell them they will be very disappointed " the girl replied looking down

Althea sighed looking at the young feeling sorry for she is very young how she will take care of herself and the child that was growing inside her she needed a place to stay until she gives birth she decided to help her

" don't worry ok I will help you will stay at my house you can use my room but first I need to tell the lord that you are sick and you can no longer work here that's what we will do for now until we figure out how we will tell your parents ok " Inna felt very touched by Althea words she was no one for her yet she is willing to help her she couldn't stop her tears from falling

" stop crying, " Althea told her as she took her in her arms somehow this girl remained her of her mother and how she suffered when she was in the same situation as Inna now she couldn't stand by and just watch.


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