healing heart
79 Impossible reques
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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79 Impossible reques

when Inna told her story to Althea she didn't hesitate to help her the first thing she did that she went to the Lord asking for his permission to give the sick maid some days off to rest and the lord approved without questioning

" yes " she heard the Lord say while he was signing some document

Althea blinked a few times just like that he approved that easily she didn't know to cry or laugh he has too much trust in her and she hoped that someday she doesn't betray that trust


three weeks have passed since Althea moved to the new mansion nothing new happened her daily routine was almost the same after finishing the work she spends her time reading at the mansion library or visiting her mother

for today Althea was sitting in the library reading a book she didn't know how much time has passed until she heard the sound of knocking on the door when she looked towards the entrance she saw the Lord standing there it's been over a week since she last saw the lord and seeing him now made her feel happy inside she still isn't ready, to be honest with her feelings toward the lord so she is not as open as the lord is

" can I come in " she heard the Lord say

the Lord saw her smile at his word that smile alone capable of making him forget all his distress taking his steps toward her she saw him sit beside her leaning forward he planted a kiss on her temple making her cheeks become red

" what are you reading? " the Lord asked

" a book about medicinal herbs I started some of the herbs that I read about here " she answered looking up at him

" and did it work, " the Lord asked to see hear her sigh tiredly

the lord removed the book from her hands and pulled her to him making her sit on his lap one hand rested on her waist and the other one supporting her back

" Lord Kaname " she was shocked by the sudden change in their position

the lord didn't listen to her protests instead he untied her hair running his fingers through it " I missed you " he whispered in her ear kissing her earlobe making her shiver in his arms

" l...ord Kaname " she tried to push him away but the lord tightened his grip on her waist his lip finding its way to her neck he kissed it lightly at first to feel her body trembling in his arms her

" what are you doin... Ah " her words were cut off when the lord deepened his kisses on her neck small gasps started to escape from her lips

somehow her body didn't reject the lord touch which surprised her the feeling was new to her she never experienced it his lips on her skin it was a new kind of sensation she never felt before Althea who spent most of her life afraid of getting into a relationship she doesn't have any knowledge about being intimate with someone

kissing her neck one last time the lord whispered in her ear once again " what to do I couldn't control my self you are becoming more and more irresistible with every passing day "

" please stop " not being able to take it anymore she but her hand on his mouth in an attempt to stop him from speaking any further

but the lord wasn't done with teasing her yet as he held the hand that was covering his mouth with as and started to lick her palm not moving his gaze from hers she a tickling sensation on her hand as his tongue kept on licking her palm repeatedly

" what are you doing what if someone sees us " she spoke trying to free her hand from his grasp

the lord stopped his actions only for him to ask the impossible " do you want to stop " he saw her nod her head not meeting his eyes

" then kiss me "

Althea: "…"
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    《healing heart》