healing heart
80 Impossible request part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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80 Impossible request part two

" you..." Althea glared at the lord her cheeks flushing red from his shameless request what is he thinking about I only said that I need time and he started to act like this

as she was thinking of a way out of this situation she heard the sound of closing and locking when she looked toward the direction of the door she saw that it was closed now when a few minutes ago it was still open she looked back at the lord and saw him smiling lazily at her

" did you... who " she wanted to ask him who did that happened but she became speechless

taking a lock of hair twirling it between his fingers he watched her every action how her lips were slightly parted at that moment he had the urge to capture those rosy lips to taste them he was afraid that he may frighten her if were to do such thing now but at the same time the need to have her claim her to be his was far greater than any feeling right now if it was up to him the Lord wants to do more than just kiss her but he knows that her first experience was a horrifying one that's why he doesn't want to push to more than she can take

when she noticed the shameless way that the lord was looking at her with she turned her head looking at the window Althea noticed something before if any man tried to touch her or even look at she would feel disgusted and terrified but now she doesn't she wondered when this change happened in her could she have fall in love the lord and if it is true how she will know and what she should do thinking about made her feel uneasy and sitting in the lord lap did nothing but to add to her uneasiness

she felt the Lord touch her right cheek making her look up at him " what is it? you became silent suddenly " she heard the Lord say

the lord noticed that her cheeks have turned red once he asked her and he wasn't a fool he understood what she was thinking about and how perfect

cupping her cheeks with both hands he lifted her head up gently forcing her to look in his eyes

" relax Althea don't be scared " that all that she heard before she felt his lips on hers the sudden contact made her heart escape a beat her eyes widen as her heart started to beat very fast

the Lord made sure that he was gentle he touched her lips lightly with his own ones her lips were soft he moved against her lips guardedly giving her the time to realize what is happing he felt her hold his shirt tightly when he licked her lips trying to coax her to open them he kissed and licked her lips a few times before finally, she parted her lips and he gained the permission to enter and she moaned feeling too ashamed from the sound that she made she grabbed the lord shirt more tightly

his tongue entered her mouth seeking hers it was him who was dominating the whole kiss, he felt like he wasn't able to get enough from her she tasted so sweet it wasn't like anything he tasted before just when she thought that she can't breathe anymore the lord released her lips watching how she was breathing heavily her chest rising and falling trying to catch her breath her lips were swollen from the passionate her face was extremely flushed as she looked at him with wide eyes.
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    《healing heart》