healing heart
81 Impossible request part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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81 Impossible request part three

she just kept looking at him with her wide eyes it felt like the time has stopped and she couldn't feel anything now it was like she was numb he kissed and she didn't resist or tried to stop him she was very shocked by herself at first she frightened but then she felt a strange feeling inside her like she wanted more the feelings of shame and wanting more were mixed all together leaving her unable to think straight to recognize the right from the wrong and when she felt him push his tongue inside her mouth she lost control of all of her senses and her body surrender, she tasted him and she liked she was very ashamed of herself to have such thoughts it was like she doesn't know her self anymore

Althea saw that she has been holding the lord shirt very tightly that she wrinkled it she immediately

loosened as she lowered her head looking down her hold on it she wanted to apologize for it but it will seem cliche considering what just happened she was puzzled on what she should do and how to react

the lord noticed her dilemma she was nerves he could sense it, he touched her left cheek with the back of his hand letting her know that he was her beside her " Althea " the Lord called with a gentle tone lifting her head to look at her but she refused to meet his eyes

the lord chuckled at her stubbornness " look at me Althea there nothing to be ashamed of I love you Althea is that not enough then tell what do you want if you accept I will marry you right now without any further delay just tell me what do you want "

the Lord decided to speak honestly maybe he could reach her heart

at his words, she looked up meeting his blood red eyes he said that he wanted to know what she wants that he ready to marry her can this be true she wondered honestly she did not know what exactly she wants the only thing that she was sure of right now that she wants him, no she loves him but she was afraid

" I'm scared " she whispered finally letting him know what she feels

the lord breathed a sigh of relief before placing his forehead on hers " I know " she heard him say

" but how could something like this happen you know who I am I'm a person who her own father refused to acknowledge her as his daughter I have nothing to give you not even a proper family background " a single tear escaped from her eye as she finched speaking

the lord heart ached when he heard what she said he wiped her tears with his thumb did she spend her life feeling ashamed of herself of her being " but this not your fault Althea nor your mother " the Lord spoke still wiping her tears " your mother loved him but he chose to use her all of this is not your fault " he kissed her teary eyes

" and I'm glad that all of this happened and you were born " the lord suddenly remembered something

" you know a long time ago before you were born your mother came to me seeking help she wanted to help her escape from the town so she could give birth to you peacefully " running his fingers through her Althea felt very soothed by it

nothing that she is no longer carrying the lord continued " at the time I was able to hear your heartbeat when you were still inside your mother it was very slow I thought that that child inside her will not survive I didn't imagine that she will give birth to such a beautiful girl like and I would have the chance to meet her and fall in love with her " the kissed her lightly on her lips as he finished telling her the story

never in her life, Althea thought that the day will come and she hears something like this the Lord helped her mother she felt her heart softness as she listened to him, suddenly there was no more doubt in her heart that this man is different from what she thought she hoped that everything will be alright in the end

" thank you " the Lord heard her say

" silly girl didn't I tell you to not think about anything " the lord whispered against her lips before capturing them with his own lips

this time it was a very passionate hungry kiss the lord wasn't very gentle this time as sucked and nibbled on lips making her moan the lord broke the kiss gazing at his work her lips swollen her cheeks red and her eyes teary

when she saw that he was about to kiss her again she placed her hands on his chest to stop him " p...please st... stop no more " Althea spoke still panting from the aggressive kiss

the lord chuckled and pulled her to him resting her head in his chest
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    《healing heart》