healing heart
82 Unbearable
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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82 Unbearable

the sound of glass shattering was heard from inside the servant didn't to move an inch from his place

" what do you mean she isn't there " Sara who was very angry and shouting at her man broke the glass of the windows using her powers

" y... yes lady Sara the girl isn't in the big mansion and she wasn't at her home, but we will find her my lady " the man spoke trying to not get killed

" OUT all of you " Sara screamed ordering them and they all did

" I must find her " she mumbled to the dark sky


her mother kept on staring at her as she feeds her Althea noticed the way her mother was looking at her and knowing what she wants to tell her Althea played blind smiling softly at her mother like a good girl

" You seem happy these days, what is the reason? " her mother asked her

Althea looked at lady Chou who just entered the room and came to sit beside her

" of course seeing you make me happy mother " Althea replied as she wiped the corner of her mother mouth with a napkin

" than if you love your mother that much why you are refusing to meet that boy he is very sweet and clever and not bad looking as well," her mother said

" that is not the right time to speak about this mother " Althea tried to keep her temper in check not wanting to upset her mother

" than when it's going to be the right time Althea " her mother shouted at her throwing the food on the ground " are you planning to stay like this forever you are not getting any younger when do you planning to think about getting married "

the old lady could only watch as the mother-daughter pair quarrels

looking at broken that has been spilled over the floor Althea began to get angry this issue is pressing on her nerve she but she has to be patient with her mother she doesn't know how long her patient will last but she has to try

" I'm going to bring something to clean it," Althea said getting up to go to the kitchen when her mother voice stopped her

" this time you will do as I say, Althea, you can not say no," her mother said

" NO," Althea said raising her voice this time she had enough with this

" You can not raise your voice on my young lady " she heard her mother say as she left the room

shiting the door to her room forcefully Althea leaned her back on the door closing her eyes she tried to calm down this problem is becoming unbearable every time she comes to visit her mother for the last month her mother would start speaking about their neighbor's son and that she wants her to approve on marrying him since he already spoke to her mother about it

but honestly, Althea never thought about marriage she wanted to spend the rest of her life taking care of her mother she knows that her mother only wanted the best for her to have a normal life like any girl in her age she sighed as she thought about all of this, moving her tired body towards the bed she rested her body on the soft mattress within a few minutes her eyes felt heavy and she falls asleep

the sound of a wolf howling woke Althea up from her deep sleep at first she ignored it covering her ear with the pillow but the howling got louder got afraid that her mother and the neighbor's might woke up she got off the bed walking towards the window to see what is happing outside

she was shocked to see the wolf standing there looking at her

" what are doing there come inside before you wake up anyone " Althea side as she opened the windows wide to him to get in once he was inside the wolf pounced on her making her fall at the floor and started licking her

" stop s... stop it " she tried to not laugh too loud to not wake up her mother

and he stopped obeying her he took step back and sit like an obedient pet Althea smiled seeing him doing this she patted his head before standing on her feet " stay here I will go and bring something for you to eat " she said

after finishing eating the food Althea lucked the door so that no can enter the room while she is sleeping if anyone saw a wolf sleeping in her room, of course, they will panic so lucking the door is a safe choice, she let him sleep beside her on the floor beside the bed. lying down on her side she noticed that the wolf didn't sleep instead he kept on watching her and for some unknown reason, she felt safe.


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