healing heart
83 The truth part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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83 The truth part one

by the time Althea woke up, it was already dawn stretching her body the first thing she did is looking at the side of the bed looking for the wolf but it was there where did he go? she wondered, getting up she walked towards the door unlocking it quietly she walked outside checking her mother she found her still sleeping on her way back to her room she suddenly thought of something lucking the door behind her she started to look through the books that were placed on the bookshelf looking for a certain book called pureblood abilities reading through the pages she found what she is looking for and her guess was right that wolf is no ordinary one he is a pureblood familiar could it the lords familiar? she wondered to herself. hearing the noises outside her room she stood up putting the book back to its place she went to get ready for the day.


" So how is the situation between you and your mother " lady Chou asked

letting out a deep sigh Althea spoke " we haven't spoken about it since that day "

" Alright," the old lady said as she stood up ready for leaving " oh yes before I go the lord asked about why you had to stay at your motherhouse for another day and I told him "

" you told him everything " Althea didn't know to laugh or cry how can she tell him something like this

the old lady nodded her head confirming it " I think he must know about something like this considering your relationship with him right now don't you think Althea " the old lady added

Althea face become very hot hearing this she didn't expect that the old lady aware of what's happening. she was afraid that the old lady might think wrongly of her

" don't worry Althea I won't tell your mother but I want you to be careful do understand Althea," the old lady said

understanding what she meant Althea nodded her head

after the lady, Chou left Althea went to the lord room to check if it needs cleaning after finishing tidying the room she stood in front of the window thinking about what the old lady told her earlier did she made a mistake? she forgot to ask herself that question before allowing this to happen, suddenly she felt scared of unknown future

she was pulled out of her thoughts when she felt a pair of warm hands on her waist pulling her close to a warm chest looking at the reflection of that person on the window glass she smiled slightly before removing her eyes from the glass and looking down

" you are scared I can tell by the way your heart beating " the lord whispered in her ear

Althea nodded her head to feel him kissing the top of her head somehow his touch was able to make her feel safe calming her from the inside

turning her around gently the lord pushed her back on the cold glass knowing what the lord about to do she didn't look up nor did she tried to resist it " I missed you " the lord whispered his lips

seconds away from her lips before capturing her lips

this time their kiss was different the lord could feel her need for him as she kissed him back it was the first time that she let go of herself like this and he was more than happy with it

she moaned when she felt the lord pushes his tongue inside her mouth exploring the sweet haven that he was missing for long days the gentle kiss turned to a very hot and passionate with his tongue tangled with hers

for Althea, all these were new sensations she was inexperienced she didn't know what to do or how the lord noticed bit by bit he was able to coax her and she was able to follow his rhythm, the lord felt that he was not able to get enough the more he kissed the more he desired for more

Althea gasped breaking the kiss when she felt him unbuttoning the front of her dress she placed her hand on his forearm to stop him " please, I'm not ready " the lord heard her say still panting

" I'm sorry," the lord said pulling her to his arms, he should be more patient with her he can't expect her to open up to him very quickly with what happened with her in the past.
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    《healing heart》