healing heart
84 The truth part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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84 The truth part two

" something is bothering you, do you want to tell me about it? " she heard the lord ask as she still in his arms as they site together on the sofa

pulling away she looked up meeting his eyes that held a warm look in it " it's nothing " Althea said trying to put on a fake smile but the lord knows her too well to believe this fake smile she has been working for over a year at the mansion giving him the time to know and understand her more

" alright," the Lord said not wanting to push to speak

both of them stayed like this for a long time Althea in the lord arms as he kept on running his fingers through her soft hair his actions soothed as lie her head on his chest Althea started to feel sleepy when she felt the lord push her hair back exposing the said of her face that had scars making her feel uncomfortable, the lord sensed her uneasiness that started to build-up gently he touched her scars with back of his hand which she responded to by closing her eyes she tried to not allow her fears of what happened in the past to not take control on her emotions Althea knew that its going to happen at some point that she has to tell him the story behind those scars

as she was going through her conflict in her head she felt the lord lips on her skin where the scars were her heart skip a beat when he kissed her again in the same place " do you not feel disgusted? " the Lord heard her ask

" no " was his honest reply making her look up at him

it's not that she didn't believe him but how can a beautiful man like him not be disgusted by this sight that made her wonder will this be his answer if saw the rest of her body she doubted that it will be the same

" do you want to know how this happened? " she suddenly asked

holding her hand in his he kissed the back of it before he spoke " only if you are willing to tell me, but you need to know that I loved you as you are and I don't care about anything else "

she stayed silent for sometime before she started to speak " it happened four years ago I was working in a bakery shop that night I was asked to close the shop after I finish cleaning everything was peaceful and quiet until I heard the door of the shop opened I was about to tell the customer that we are closed for today then... " she stopped speaking trying to control her emotions so she dont cry

she felt the lord hand on her back rubbing it soothingly " it's okay " the Lord whispered to her gently, kissing the top of her head

" Suddenly I felt someone covering my mouth and holding me tight when I heard his voice I knew that this time I have nowhere to escape he dragged me towards the kitchen he tied my hands behind my back and covered my mouth I was helpless I couldn't scream or move I could only cry to him I was a prey that he must hunt by his manly desires " Althea stopped to wipe her tears

the lord heart ached to see her like this he wanted to find that man right and rip his heart out for what he did, the lord didn't let his emotions control him right now Althea needed him and that was more important

" he wasn't satisfied by just raping me " she continued her voice getting weaker " he poured a hot bowl of water on me the pain was unbearable I tried to stay awake but due to the intense pain I lost my consciousness, that what caused these scars " as soon as she finished speaking Althea was pulled forcefully in to a warm embrace

at first, she was shocked by his reaction he hugged her very tightly to him as if he was expressing his emotions through his warm embrace, feeling many kinds of emotions she hid her face in his chest trying to stop the tears that were threatening to escape from her eyes

" it's alright I'm here for you Althea it's okay to cry " the lord whispered in her eyer and with his words Althea broke down sobbing loudly letting everything out.


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