healing heart
86 Faint ligh
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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86 Faint ligh

" my lord she has been searching for lady Althea but she never found her " Seiren informed the lord

" go on," the lord said

" and we have been able to confirm that she has been ordered by the Hanadagi lord, we are waiting for your orders my lord to make a move " the grayed haired female bowed waiting for her master orders

" wait for a little longer, in the meantime continue to keep an eye on them " hearing the lord orders she bowed and lift

leaning back on the chair the lord run his hand through his dark hair and sighed tiredly, thinking about everything that is happening he already knows the motive behind Sara actions but he still can't find out what her father is planing exactly,

"the lord you asked for me " Althea who was sleeping in her room was woken up by one of the maids saying that the lord is asking for her

" yes " the lord replied approaching her taking both of her hands in his the lord spoke " I apologize for weakening you up at this time but I have a favor to ask I will be going out now and I may be back in the morning in that time I dont want to go out of the mansion do you understand Althea "

Althea looked at the lord confused with his sudden request " did something happened that is related to my father? " Althea asked

she wasn't a fool she knew that the lord was watching and protecting her from her father

the lord smiled at her when he heard her question indeed she is special " you are very clever Althea, yes it is related to your father, now I must go dont forget what I told you, goodnight " the lord placed a kiss on the top of her head before finally leaving

Althea stared at the space where the lord was standing for an unknown reason she had an uneasy feeling in her heart but she chose to ignore it, she went back to her room trying to sleep


" it's a very surprising visit lord Kaname " the Hanadagi lord spoke

" is it? I think you were expecting it lord Isaya " the vampire's king replied

" then I take it that the rumors are right, you the mighty king have fallen for a human female," the Hanadagi lord said

" let be straight to the point Isaya if you tried to harm Althea you know exactly what will happen to you " the Lord spoke with a threatening tone before leaving followed by Seiren

the Hanadagi lord was shocked when he heard the lord tone " looks like I have to kill her finally this time, her death will be a painful one " he said smirking evilly to himself


when Althea woke up it was seven and a half having a hard time to sleep last night she didn't know when she fell asleep, she got off the bed and got ready quickly when she stepped out of her room she wondered if the lord was back at first she wanted to go to the kitchen but her feet dragged her towards the lord room

when she entered the lord bedroom she found it empty she got out closing the door behind her Althea thought that he still not back yet but she saw the library door is slightly open she went towards it pushing the door quietly she stepped in the room was dark only a faint light coming from behind the dark curtains

she saw the lord lying on the sofa one hand under his head and the other resting on his chest it seems that he is sleeping, she approached him with a quiet steps Althea gazed at his him with a smile on her lips he looked peaceful when he is sleeping, she took the blanket that was placed at the end of the sofa and covered his body with it to her surprise the lord didn't wake up he must be very tired she thought

when she was covering him she noticed that her face is to close to his she could feel his even breath hitting her skin this was the first time that she looks at his face features this close her eyes fall on his long eyelashes from his closed eyes to his nose to his thin lips she blushed when she found herself staring at his lips

looking up she saw that his hair covering his eyes reaching out she pushed it away but she got tempted to run her fingers through it but then she feard that he might wake up she kissed his forehead gently then she turned around and lift

Althea didn't notice the lord smile when she turned around nor that he was awake from the moment she entered the room.


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