healing heart
87 Blood offer part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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87 Blood offer part one

these days Althea noticed that the lord is always busy every day he leaves at the early morning and come back at midnight she rarely see him these days though she missed him but didn't show it she tried to be strong and hide her feelings but it's becoming hard with every passing day

Althea was in the kitchen when she heard some noise outside when she went to see it she was surprised to see the lord and his man have come back early today but something was off she noticed they were surrounding the lord in an odd way could it be that he is injured she thought and that thought scared her she started to get worried and if she didn't see him and make sure that he is alright she won't be at ease

she waited for some time before she went upstairs towards the lord room she knocked on the door but no one answered she knocked again and still there was no answer feeling more worried she decided to go inside to see what is happening exactly

once she opened the door and went inside she saw that the room was empty only the sound of running water that could be heard from the bathroom, she sits on the sofa waiting for him after some time she heard the door to the bathroom opening

" I thought that if I didn't give you the permission you won't enter," the lord said as he walked toward the bed sitting on it

no paying attention to his word she walked toward him to see him buttoning his shirt he looked tired and exhausted, she never saw him like this

" You shouldn't be here right now Althea " she heard him say despite his weak state his tone was very gentle when he spoke to her

kneeling in front of him she took his hand in hers as if she was telling him that she will not leave until she knows what is happening with him " where did you got injured? " the Lord heard her ask

the lord chuckled she was too smart for her good it made him wonder if she turned out to be a pureblood vampier but no he loved her the way she is that humanly side of her that what made him fall for her

cupping the side of her face the lord saw her close her eyes to his touch taking a deep breath the Lord spoke " I'm alright Althea you dont have to worry "

" You are lying " the lord heard her say and he was shocked if she was anyone else god only knows what will happen but she was different if she wanted to order him around he won't mind it

not waiting for him to tell her she started to unbutton his shirt, seeing how stubborn she was the lord didn't stop her one by one she opened all the buttons when she pushed the shirt open she was welcomed a terrifying sight the was a big wound on his chest the wound wasn't healing he was still bleeding he must be injured with an anti-vampire weapon

" You need blood," Althea said holding back her tears this is not the right time for crying she thought

" I just had dont worry it will be heald by tomorrow," the lord said patting her head he felt happy that she was worried about

" NO, it won't I am not ignorant I know that will take more than a day to heal, " Althea said wiping her tears

" I didn't mean that Althea I'm..."

" take my blood " the lord heard her say

" what are you saying Althea I can't do that " the lord was stunned hearing her say that

she says that she is not ignorant but does she know the consequences of offering her blood to him

" I know the consequences but I trusted you and you know that I won't turn into a vampire considering that my father is a pureblood " she replied as if she was answering his unsaid questions

the last bit of his self-restraint was shattered by her words he tried to worn but she was stubborn she pushed him to his limits being this close to him that he could hear the movements of her blood in her veins it broke all the walls that he was building just to protect her

the lord took her hand making her stand on her feet he guided her to sit on his lap he hugged tightly kissing the top of her head he pulled back to look in her eyes but she wasn't looking at him right what happened to the strong girl just minutes ago

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" Are you scared? " the Lord asked her to see shack her head

the Lord opened the first three buttons of her dress just enough to reveal her neck " relax Althea it will hurt if your body is stiff " the lord whispered in her ear

it wasn't that she was hesitating now but she was scared not of the lord but the unknown, after all, she never imagined that the day will come and she will offer her blood to a vampire

Althea was lost in her thoughts when she felt his lips on her neck kissing it, he kissed her neck a few times before licking it making her shudder in his arms she covered her mouth with her hand trying to prevent any strange voice to come out, her body trembled when he started to suck her neck she clenched his shirt when he deepened suction on her neck

as she was lost in the pleasurable feelings that the lord lips were causing, she felt a sharp pain on her neck, the lord has bitten her with his fangs trying to not lose his control but once he tasted her blood he struggled to remain sane

Althea started to get dizzy keeping her eyes open at that moment was a very hard task she heard she tried to stay awake but her body became very heavy as she lost her consciousness.


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