healing heart
88 Blood offer part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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88 Blood offer part two



looking at the pale girl who is lying on the bed the lord was disappointed with himself he shouldn't have lost his control to the tempting offer he took to much blood from her that she lost her consciousness it will take her a few days to recover

pushing the hair that was covering her face he kissed her forehead, she is sleeping for more than twelve-hour now knowing that she will not wake up any time soon the lord got off the bed leaving the room he went towards the library to finish some paperwork he left it unfinished

after about three hours the later the lord finished his work noticing that it was passed midnight he went to check on Althea, the Lord opened the door quietly and entered the room

" how long you have been awake? " the lord came to sit beside her on the bed when he saw her awake " how do you feel? you must be tired "

Althea nodded her head and added " and a bit dizzy " her voice was weak, she noticed the worried look in the lord eyes as he helped her to sit " dont worry I will be fine in a few days "

" I will ask lady Chou to prepper a meal for you " the lord kissed her lips softly before leaving the room

" did he said lady Chou oh god " she was very embarrassed how she could face the old lady now


Althea was looking at the lord who was busy feeding her, blowing the steam away making sure that the food was hot for her and every now and then he wipes the sides of her mouth gently its as if he was feeding a child she wanted to laugh so badly right now but held her self back

" I can't eat more " she felt like her stomach will burst if ate more

she saw him look at frowning he was not happy she new it " what if I gave this? " the Lord opened the nightstand drawer and took out something

" it's white chocolate," she said not taking her eyes off the nicely wrapped chocolate, will Althea didn't have many weak points but when it comes to white chocolate that was her weakest points once she sees it, she turns to another person and the lord could say that with his own eyes

" did lady Chou told you about that? " she asked him while trying to take the chocolate from him but he was faster than her and laugh at her little attempt " that is very mean, " Althea said turning her face pretending to be mad
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" If you not going to finish your food then its time for your punishment " she heard him say

she turned to look at him " w... what punishment "

the lord didn't reply to her question he opened the chocolate wrapper and took a bite from it, Althea watched him as munched it confused, what is he doing thought to herself

before she figures out what is happening the lord covered her lips with his. he held the back of her head to prevent her from moving, he fed her the half-melted chocolate carefully with his mouth

pulling back he whispered in her " eat it, Althea, " and she did right now the lord seemed very dangers and she did not want to disobey him

" Good girl, now let me punish you for tempting me " the lord whispered with a seductive tone before sealing her lips to feel her heart skip a beat only to start beating fast

she felt him run his tongue along her lips asking her to open up to him and she did and felt him pushing his tongue inside her mouth tasting her sweet haven. he pulled her toward him making her straddle him not breaking the hot kiss, she felt him caress her body gently as he kissed and sucked her passionately when he finally let go of her lips Althea was panting heavily the lord gaze darkened as he watched her flushed face her swollen lips and the movement of her chest as she tried to catch her breath he could feel himself harden at the sight that he was seeing

just when she thought that the Lord will let her go after this she felt him unbuttoning the front of her nightgown her heartbeat quickened " dont be afraid Althea I will not hurt you " the lord said as he unbuttoned her dress slowly still looking in her eyes " can you let me say you, Althea,? " the Lord asked giving her the choice

Althea didn't how to answer what kind of question is that what she was supposed to say, she felt the lord gaze on her witting for her answer " lord Kaname... "

" Are you afraid of me?" though he knew the actual reason behind her fears, still he wanted to hear it from her

Althea lowered her eyes when she heard his question " I'm scared of the past " she admitted honestly

" then let me replace your memories," the lord said before pushing her the front of her nightgown revealing her milky skin for him

he stopped when her she tried to cover herself from his eyes pushing her hands away gently " dont shy away from me Althea " the lord said not taking his eyes off her

" you are very beautiful " Althea blushed hearing that, she felt him touching her neck tracing a line from her neck to her chest until his fingers rested between her two mounds

" very beautiful " the lord whispered against her skin before taking the pink nipple between his lips

" Ah " she moaned when she felt his lips on her sensitive skin, he sucked her nipple hungrily twirling his tongue around her pink nipple, her body trembled as he kept on his assault on her

" ka... lord... st " she moaned loudly this time as the lord deepened his suction on her nipples switching between the two mounds every now and then

by the time he stopped his assault, the beautiful girl in his arms was panting heavily lying her on the bed he buttoned her nightgown he sit there beside her admiring her beauty her face was very flushed her lips slightly parted trying to catch her breath she looked very alluring

" Althea " the lord called her when he noticed that she was quiet but she didn't answer

the poor girl was very embarrassed by what just happened she wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it

" Are you afraid of me? " he wondered if his actions frightened her

hearing his question she turned her face looking at him her blue eyes meeting his red ones in his eyes she saw a look of sadness it was the same look she always saw in his eyes since she met him but she wondered what caused it this time

lowering her eyes she spoke " I'm not afraid of you it's just what you did was embarrassing "

the lord kissed her lips lightly before placing his forehead on hers " I'm sorry but I can't promise that it won't happen again " the Lord whispered to see her eyes widen at his words


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