healing heart
89 unpleasant dream
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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89 unpleasant dream

after taking a warm bath Althea stepped out of the bathtub carefully she took the towel and started to dry her body and her hair after she was done she wore the new nightgown that was placed for her to wear the fabric was soft and warm on her skin she was relieved that the nightgown was not showing any of her skin going back to dring her hair she looked at her reflection in the mirror she

so much has happened she wasn't the same girl anymore she thought to herself she was more open about her feelings now, of course, there are still fears and doubts and how fast everything is happing but she decided to take every step slowly hoping everything will alright

when she was done with drying her hair she tidies up the bathroom out of habit before getting out closing the door behind her she turned around to find the lord lying on the bed with his eyes looking at her " come " she heard him say extending his hand towards her

once she sat on the bed he pulled her towards him her back resting against his chest inhaling her relaxing scent " what are thinking about? " the Lord asked kissing her cheek

" about my mother, I haven't seen her for a while now " she replied honestly there is no need now to hide her feelings and thoughts from him

" You can go tomorrow and spend the day with your mother," the lord said as he turned her around making her facing him " but you have to promise that you will come back before the sunset, " the Lord said to see her covering her mouth with her hand trying to not laugh

" I'm sorry " Althea apologized after she was done laughing she couldn't control herself after she heard his words he looked like a lost child when he said these words but that made her wonder dose he feels lonely? is that why he always ask to come back early every time

" its the first time that I hear you laugh I want to see you laugh more, " the lord said pulling her closer to him kissing the top of her head

for Althea, these gentle moments and these simple words with him can make her feel safe and protected from the word it's like being in his arms means being away from everything harmful

lying down on the bed the both of them were facing each other reaching his hand to push the hair that was covering her face behind her ear the lord noticed that she was looking at him as if she was thinking of something

" Close your eyes, Althea," the lord said but she didn't

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" is it right for me to be here to have these feelings, " she said admitting her fears

pulling her in his arms she felt him wrap arms around her tightly as he was assuring to her that everything that will be alright

he kissed her forehead and said " sleep now "


in her sleep that night Althea dreamed about a forest it was a beautiful one she could hear the relaxing sound of the river water running and the voice of a little girl laughing though the voice was near, when she looked around her she saw nothing

she tried to follow the direction of the sound but nothing was found and suddenly the sound of laughing stopped she looked at the sky and noticed that it was getting darker and the wind was getting colder

she tried to find a place to shelter her she walked for a long time but she couldn't find anything she started to feel scared that's when she felt someone pull her dress when she turned around she saw a little girl standing there looking at her the girl had a black long hair that reached her waist

Althea bent down on her knees to see the little girl face carefully to not scare her but when she saw the girl face her heart skipped a beat her face features looked familiar to her

the little girl reached her tiny hands and touched Althea's face she smiled at her and said " mother dont leave me " the girl said before disappearing

" wait," Althea called the little girl she stood up trying to follow her but she felt something warm under her feet when she looked down she found herself standing in a pond of blood

" shh it's alright it was a nightmare " the lord whispered in the frightening girl ear trying to comfort her

the lord had woken up from his sleep when he heard her uneven breath to find her forehead covered in sweat he tried to wake her up but it was like she was trapped in her dream


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