healing heart
90 unpleasant dream part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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90 unpleasant dream part two

" hmm that's a terrible nightmare, but it could mean nothing Althea," Jan said trying to comfort her friend

" I hope so," Althea said as she placed the two coffee cups on the table

Jan came to visit her friend after Althea visited her yesterday and told her that she will be spending the day at her motherhouse the two of them didn't get the time to see each other lately and since Althea told her that there somethings that she has to tell so Jan couldn't resist and came from the early morning

" but honestly you surprised me " smiling devilishly at her friend " you finally fall for someone and to be honest I saw that coming, " Jan said as she sipped from her coffee

" and why do you say that? " Althea asked

" because it was obvious your eyes had that spark in them whenever you speak about and I never saw you like that before so I knew that he is the one that finally broke the wall that built around your heart for years " the words that Jan said made Althea think about an important thing she had forgotten about it

" but what about my mother, you know what will happen when she finds out," Althea said her fears the fears that had been hinting her foe a while now she is afraid that the day will come and she has to choose between her mother and her heart

" don't be afraid I'm that your mother will understand when that time comes so, please don't worry too much about it now " Jan spoke trying to comfort her friend to see her nod her head

" ok now tell me did anything naughty happened between the two of you I have been dying to know " Jan spoke in a whisper to receive a slap on her arm

" oh god your face is so red could it be that the actual deed or was it just some passionate kisses judging by the look on your face the lord is a very passionate man," Jan said as she giggled making Althea blush as she remembered what the Lord did that day if he hadn't controlled himself that day he would have taken her

" stop laughing and come help me " Althea slapped Jan again this time she made sure that it will hurt her

" it hurts " Jan cry out in pain but she didn't stop laughing


by the time Althea went back to the mansion the sky was getting darker, the weather was very cold that she had to rub her hands to keep them warm

" Althea your back " she turned around when she heard the voice

" You must be cold quickly get inside " the old lady spoke

" yes thank you, lady Chou " she thanked the old and then she went to her room to change her clothes

once she got inside her room she locked the door behind her she took off her coot and then she untied her hair that was bothering her the whole way " I should cut it " she mumbled to herself

" it will be a pity to cut such beautiful hair " she heard a deep voice speak

" lord Kaname you scared me how did you get in the door was locked, " Althea said placing her hand on her heart trying to calm it

walking toward her the lord remove her hand gently taking in his hands he seemed to be examining it " I'm sorry if I scared you " he spoke as he pushed her sleeve up to find the new burn wound on her wrist

" set on the bed, does it hurt? " the Lord asked as he sat beside her

" yes a bit " she replied

" This might hurt a bit but try to endure it " she nodded her head at his words, understanding what he is about to do she closed her eyes
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she felt a siting when his wet tongue run across the burn repeatedly before it eas replaced with warm heat that made her whole body

once the burn was held the lord kissed her wrist before lifting his head to find her still closing her eyes " you can open your eyes now " and she did

looking at her heald wrist she couldn't help but feel amazed the lord noticed that too he pulled her in his arms hugging her tightly her flowers_like scent felled his nose making him feel calm, though she only been away for only a few hours but couldn't but miss her the whole time

resting his head on her shoulder he seemed tired she noticed " lord Kaname are you alright? " to her a different response from him

" I miss you " he whispered longing was evident in his voice

she wanted to say that she missed him too but she couldn't voice her feeling aloud but saying him like this made her heartache though he appears strong and mighty in front of everyone, but when he is with her he allows himself to be weak and right now was one of that moments

" lay down " the lord her say

he lifted his head to look at her he seemed surprised she noticed " I know that you are very strong but every living being needs to rest " Althea spoke as she fixed the pilows for him

and he did lay down with his eyes following every movement she does covering his body with a blanket she made sure that he is comfortable and he loved the feeling of being taking care by her

after she changed in her nightgown in the bathroom she went to the other side of the bed and laid down she found that was fast asleep he looked very peaceful when he sleeps she smiled as she gazed at him, pushing the hair that was covering his face she couldn't control the urge to run her fingers through his hair it felt very soft against her hand actually one of the things that she liked about the lord is his hair cut but she never the courage to say it it would be too embarrassing

when the lord wake up it was almost dawn he looked at the girl that was still sleeping beside him he noticed that she was shivering from the cold weather pulled her close to him and covered her properly with the blanket to feel her body relax when she sensed the familiar warm
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    《healing heart》