healing heart
91 You are someone that I can“t bear to lose
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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91 You are someone that I can“t bear to lose

the sound of the laughter was heard through the open window of the lord library as he sat there doing some paperwork he was supposed to finish the this before the evening but the girl melodious voice made hard for him to concentrate on anything right now

the lord walked towards the window to see what is happening he saw Althea along with two kids who were running behind her the lord eyebrows knotted together as he looked at this sight this, and she seems to enjoys it this is a different side of her that he never saw

" can we take a rest now " he heard Althea say to the kids

" ok aunty Althea " the kids replied together

" alright then you two go to my room and wait for me and I will go to prepare the food for you, " patting the two kids head the lord watched her as she went inside the mansion

he went back to finish his work but once again he couldn't concentrate he leaned back against the chair as he massaged the space between his eyebrows l, he lived for a very long time and during this no could take his attention away from anything like she does everything about can make him lose his control and just pay attention to her the funny thing is that she does not know the kind of poor she has against him


at evening finely Hana came to take her kids it's not that that Althea enjoyed their company but the two of them where very energetic now keeping them safe was a very hard task for her when she was busy preparing the food for them they sneaking towards the lord quarters but luckily she cached them on time before the lord could see them

speaking about the lord she hasn't seen him getting out of the library today thinking about that she went to prepare the dinner for him
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Althea was lying on the bed getting ready for sleeping when she heard a knock on the door getting off the bed she went to see who is knocking at this time

opening the door she found the lord standing there " lord Kaname do you need something? " Althea asked confused about what the Lord is doing here at such time

" may I come in? " the Lord asked her back not answering her question

" y... yes " she stepped away from the door and the lord came in closing the door Althea stood there not knowing what she should do

" Are you planning to stand there for a long time? come here Althea " the lord offered his hand for her and she willingly held at

sitting on the bed the Lord guided her to sit on his lap running his fingers through her hair the lord " you still feel shy around me even after all this time " the lord whispered in her ear kissing the side of her lips to feel her heartbeat quickening

" I saw you playing with the two kids earlier who were they? " the Lord asked

" yes they are Hana children she needed to go to the doctor so she left them with me " she replied looking up at him

" hmm " the lord hummed caressing her the side of her face lovingly he suddenly falls silent and kept on gazing at her it made feel nervous she lifted her face to look at him

" lord Kaname, are you alright? " she asked him to feel him please a little loving kiss on her forehead

" You need to sleep now, goodnight Althea, " the lord said as put her on the bed avoiding her question

the lord was about to stand up when he felt her hand holding his arm stopping him from leaving " something is bothering you and I can tell that it's related to me " the lord smiled when he heard her how can he forgot she is very smart person and that one of the many that he loves about her

moving closer to him she cupped his face with both of her hands she spoke " you can't keep hiding everything from me and you can't keep me always safe "

" I know and I'm sorry for making you worried but Althea you are someone that I can't bear to lose " the lord admitted his fears to her

" I can't lose you too " those words were enough for the lord to confirm her feelings towards him and with those a few words she was able to calm his troubled mind

taking her hands in his he kissed back of her hands before lying here down on the bed " you should sleep now it's getting late " the lord said as he covered her with the blanket

" stay " Althea mumbled softly as her eyes start to close but the lord was able to catch it

" shhh sleep now " the lord whispered in her ear as place his hand on the back of her head helping her fall asleep by using his power l, lately he noticed that she wasn't getting enough sleep due to the nightmares that she was having at many times he would wake up hearing her crying he would hug her and whisper a calming words in her ears and it breaks his heart every time he sees her like that
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    《healing heart》