healing heart
92 Shameful threa
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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92 Shameful threa

" finely " Althea who was done cleaning the library she mumbled, it was always the hardest place to clean because it contains many books she wondered if the lord had read them all, as she was about to leave she heard the door opening revealing her friend Jan

" good afternoon Althea " Jan spoke as she approached her friend

" good afternoon, what are you doing here? " Althea couldn't help but ask it is very unusual for Jan to visit her here

" I'm here to take out I need to buy some things so I thought to go shopping together, what do you think? please don't say no " Jan clapped her hands together in a pleading manner hoping that she will convince Althea

Althea watched her friend helplessly as she was behaving like a child " I want to go with you but today I can't if you delay it to tomorrow I may be able to go with "

Jan rolled her eyes at Althea words " alright tomorrow at the same time I will come to take you but if make another excuse I will strangle to death " Jan spoke before leaving the room

when she was on her way downstairs she saw the lord who just returned " good afternoon lord Kaname " Jan said

" good afternoon to you miss Jan " the lord replied as he extended his hand for her and she expected

" You must be Althea friend " the Lord spoke

" yes I am " Jan replied confused on how the Lord knew that she and Althea are friends and she doubted that Althea was the one how told, it was better to leave here soon Jan thought " I'm very pleased to meet you lord Kaname but I have something to do so I will leave now. nice to meet my lord " Jan excused herself

" Nice to meet you too, " the lord said before turning around and headed upstairs

with every step closer to the library he could sense his beloved girl presence once he reached the door he found half open he could see her as she moved around the place to return the books its places her moves were elegant though Althea was raised in a pureblood or a noble family her behavior always indicate that she was.

knocking on the door to get her attention the lord push the door open making his way towards her

turning around Althea so the lord approaching her " welcome back lord Kaname " she greeted him as he stood in front of her it was still a bit overwhelming for her to be in his presence

" still shy I see," the lord said as he bent over to capture her rosy lips with him in a light kiss making her cheeks turn red

" have you finished your work, " the Lord asked as he was about to drow her in his embrace to see her step back making him raise his eyebrow in questioning

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" I just finished cleaning so covered in dust I need to take a bath ' Althea explained quickly when she saw the look on his face

" alright go take a bath and don't forget to eat your dinner," the lord said as pushed the hair that was covering her eye behind her ear, to her relief she could see that he was not angry at her making her sigh in a relief

nodding her head Althea was about to leave the room when she remembered something " lord Kaname there is something I forgot to tell you "

" what is it," the lord said as he took off his coat than turning his attention to her

" well, my friend asked me to go out with her tomorrow as we haven't been able to spend some time together lately so I need a day off, " Althea said and wait for the lord reply

he falls silent for a few seconds before opening his thin lips " alright, but be careful Althea "

" thank you, my lord, I will, " Althea said before leaving the room


the next day Althea woke up early, as usual, she helped the old lady on preparing the breakfast for the maids and the servants in the mansion after the breakfast she spend the time in reading a book until Jan came after wearing her coat Althea closed the door to her room behind her and headed towards the front door of the mansion as she was walking in the hallway she felt someone walking be behind her when she turned to look behind her she saw the lord

" lord Kaname what are you doing here " she was confused this hallway belonged to the maids so why a lord like him doing here

taking long strides he was standing in front of her " were you planning to leave without seeing me " the lord said as she pushed her against the near wall

" lord Kaname I..." her lips were silenced by his lips he kissed her very passionately holding her close to him she could feel his hands on her waist massaging it firmly she moaned loudly on he sucked her lips making unable to breathe

Althea didn't know for how long the has been kissing her roughly she felt that she was about to lose her consciousness when he let go of her lips she rested her head on his chest to catch her breath " next time you be punished differently that you won't be able to walk on your own feet " she heard the lord whisper in her ear and her eyes widened at his perverted and shameful threat

lifting her head she looked n to his eyes and said " you are a very perverted person "

" only for you, " the lord said as he wiped the tears that formed in her eyes due to his rough kiss

" I need to go now," Althea said as she slipped from his arm and went running towards the front door.
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    《healing heart》