healing heart
93 Suffocating
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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93 Suffocating

" You bought a lot of things," Althea said as she eyed the items that Jan bought

this girl can shop a lot once you put some money in her hands, Althea thought

" well yes I haven't been able to get any chance because of the clinic and I haven't been able to spend time with you so it was a good chance," Jan said as the both of them entered a near Caffe

" yes it is, what do you want to eat, " Althea asked as handed over the menu to Jan

" I will leave this to you, after all, you are the expert here " Jan replied

" Hmm, well I'm honored, " Althea said as she looked through the menu

the two girls start to eat once the meals were served to spend a lot of time shopping can make you hungry the two girls thought as they ate

after finishing their meal the two girls were on their way heading back to the mansion but Jan didn't stop going inside every shop she passes by

" isn't that one beautiful," Jan asked Althea as were looking at some set of necklaces

taking a closer look Althea examined the necklace closely " it is very beautiful, you look at this there is something I want to see the other section " Althea said before walking towards the other side of the store

" Why are you following me? " Althea asked the man who was pretending to look at the goods in the store when he was following her from the man moment they like left the Caffe

" you still a stubborn girl I see " the man turned around looking at Althea " and you still beautiful as ever "

" and you still despicable as ever, now answer me why are you following me? " Althea said as she looked at him

the man top a few steps closer to her " I want to see If you were able to move on, after all, I'm your first man Althea " the man said as he smirked

Althea was feeling disgusted just by looking at him her palm was aching her to slap him but it wasn't the place to do that she thought with the corner of her eye she could see her friend Jan was coming towards her she was about to go to Jan when she heard him say

" don't be so sure that he will always be able to protect you, next time I will make sure to take my time enjoying you " she ignored his words and went to her friend

" who is that man you were talking to him, " Jan asked

" its no one, it's getting dark so let's go back," Althea said as dragged her friend out of the store

" Althea " hearing her name Althea and Jan turning around to see how is calling her name

" lord Takuma, what are you doing here? " confused Althea asked

" I came to pick you up, I will explain to you but please get in the car first both of you its " Takuma answered as opened the car door for them

Althea didn't need any explanation she understood everything, the lord must have sent someone to follow her to make sure that she was safe, he had told her about that already before and she had agreed to that knowing the danger that always lurking around here

" thank you very much," Althea said " oh forgive me I didn't introduce you to each other Jan this is lord Takuma Ichijo " Althea introduced them to each other

" pleasure to meet you miss Jan " the Ichijo hair spoke with a smile on his face

" The pleasure is mine " Jan spoke returning his smile

in the car the atmosphere was quiet, Jan noticed the change in Althea behavior after she spoke with that man she wanted to ask her more but it was obvious that she didn't want to talk about, they stayed quite the whole way no one said anything until they reached Jan home

" I will see you soon Althea, goodnight, " Jan said before she got off the car

the car started to drive back to the mansion seeing no one was around Takuma took the chance to speak with Althea

" Althea is there anything that is bothering you ? " hearing his question Althea turned her face to look at him

" nothing it's just that I'm a bit tired that's all. thank you for your concern " Althea answered offering him a small smile

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" it's alright " the Ichijo hair wanted to speak with her more as the girl seemed to be very sad but seeing that they reached the mansion he decided to speak to her in other time

when Althea got off the car she lifted her head looking towards the lord window she found it closed she thought that maybe did not come back yet

" go he is witing for you in the library, however, I want to say one thing before you go open your heart to him Althea or both of you will suffer the consequences " she heard the Ichijo hair say

" thank you," she said before entering the mansion

from the entrance she went upstairs towards the library direction when she got there she found the lord leaning against the wall waiting for smiling gently at her the moment she saw that smile she felt that the tears she was holding in for some time have started to escape her eyes unwillingly, she walked up to him throwing herself in his embrace and he wrapped his arms around her tightly he felt her body trembling hid her face in his chest

"let's go inside," the lord said as he went inside the library with her in his arms

once they sat down the lord pulled her to sit in his lap resting her head on her chest the lord wiped her tears with his thumb then he bent down and kissed her eyes " do you want to tell me something? " the Lord asked giving her the freedom to not answer to see another drop of tears fall from her eyes

" it's alright Althea everything is going to be fine " the Lord spoke in a gentle tone as he patted her head
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    《healing heart》