healing heart
94 Sinfull lips
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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94 Sinfull lips

the sound of the clockwise could be heard in the room were the two of them were sitting doing nothing he was just holding her close to him running his fingers through her long soft heir the gentle treatment of his made her feel relaxed she almost fall asleep but she wanted to tell him about what happened today she just didn't know how she spent the last hour thinking about how she should tell him

" I met him that man I met him today at the store " the lord heard her say

she looked up meeting his eyes but she found him still looking at her with warmth and that made her wonder how a man like him could fall in love with a girl like her

" I can't help but ask what made you love with someone like me? " the sudden question didn't surprise the lord he knew that sooner or later she will ask him this question

" do you know the meaning of your name Althea? " the Lord asked her back

how is that even relevant to what I just asked Althea thought but she answered anyway " yes "

taking her hand the lord placed it on his beating heart " then you should know that you healed this heart Althea "

his words made her speechless with her eyes widened she couldn't look away from his eyes, that is what her mother used to tell her when was a child that she heald her heart once she holds her in her arms for the first time but the years went by and Althea stopped to believe that

and now that she heard it again her heart fall in a mixed frenzy of emotions although she has been denying her feelings for a long time now at this moment Althea was more than certain that she is helplessly in love with him and it was too late to push away this feeling

" you might think that I'm a good man Althea but I lived far too long and think that can not imagine, so are willing to accept the stained man that I am? " she heard the lord say

" I dont care about what happened in the past, but I need to know that if your feelings to me are sincere and that you are not lying to me if it's not then I beg you to end this and be honest with me " it was clear that she was afraid that the past would repeat itself and what happened to her mother would happen to her

the lord could see the fear in her eyes and he couldn't blame her the poor girl had to face many things at such a young age

caressing her face gently the Lord spoke against her lips " only time can prove my love to you Althea " with that said the lord kissed her lips it was a very passionate kiss parted her lips open with his tongue wanting to taste the sweetness of her sinfull mouth exploring it like she was the sweetest thing he ever tasted

letting go of her lips Althea hid her face in his chest as she tried to catch her breathe

the lord stood up with her in his arms walking out of the library heading towards his room putting her on the bed gently he sat next to her

she felt him push some of the hair that was covering her face behind her ear " Althea look at me " the lord said as he lifted her face gently to look at her

her cheeks were blushing red and her swollen lips from his earlier were slightly open he couldn't resist the urge to kiss those lips again he bent over capturing her lips with his he sucked on her lower lip making her gasp and he found the opportunity to enter his tongue inside her mouth

without breaking the kiss the lord pushed her back making her lie down on the bed she could feel his hands pushing her dress up to her thigh thought she wanted to stop him but her body was acted differently than her mind

when she felt that she was about to go out of breath he let go of her lips making his way towards her nick he kissed and sucked her pulsing point making it hard for her to suppress the audible moan that she was trying to suppress it at that moment Althea mind was foggy and her vision was blurry

only when she heard the lord whispering in her ear that she got back to her senses " I want to have you Althea " his hands caressing the said of thigh she could feel the warmth of his hands on her skin

she opened her eyes to find the lord staring down at her warmly he said that he wants to have her that could mean one thing but honestly, she still wasn't ready she still needs time

as she was lost on her on thoughts she heard the lord speak above her " it's alright Althea I understand that you are not ready, and I promise you that I will not touch you without your approval alright so don't be scared. but " the lord paused to kiss her forehead

" There is something that I want you to show me " he tugged on her dress and Althea understand what he meant she hesitated at first but then she nodded her head

lifting the dress up to her waist the lord eyes fall on the scar on the side her of left thigh touching it he traced a line along the scar it tingled a bit when his fingers touched the scared skin she looked at his face to see what kind reaction was on his face but she found nothing from what she was thinking

he looked up to see her looking at him he smiled at her before speaking " you have a beautiful body Althea and your skin is very soft " the lord said in a husky voice as his hand wandered up stopping near her womanhood

hearing his words Althea felt like her face was burning hot she never thought that the vampire king would have that would have a pervert said " you pervert" she said it with a low voice but it was enough for him to hear

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" Only you can make act that way, that's why I want to have to claim you and make love to endlessly that you won't be able to walk own your on I want to hide so that no would see but I also want to show you to the entire world only you Althea can make me feel confused about my feelings " she covered his mouth with her hand to prevent him from saying more

" stop please this is very embarrassing " to make love to her endlessly this idea made her stomach twist in fear this man is more pervert than she ever thought

kissing her palm he removed her hand gently " I will go and have a bath you better be here when I come back " the lord whispered in her ear

once she heard the door closed she climbed off the bed she took her coat and run out of the room.


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