healing heart
95 It“s disgusting and It“s disturbing my sleep
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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95 It“s disgusting and It“s disturbing my sleep


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" good evening Althea " hearing the familiar voice the girl turned around

" good evening lord Takuma " she greeted him smiling softly at him

" please call Takuma from now on there is no need for the formalities we are friends now aren't we? " the blonde male gave her a fake sad look pretending to be sad

" alright no formalities from now on, " Althea said to see the blonde male smiling brightly she couldn't help but notice the difference between the lord and him this one has very cheerful character compared to the lord

" is Kaname in his study? " his voice brought her back from her thoughts

" yes, he is " she replied

" Alright I will go and see him now, see you later Althea, " the blonde vampire said as walked up the stairs

Indeed his very cheerful Althea thought as she went to finish her work

inside the library

" There isn't much found until now but we managed to find someone who said that he witnessed what happened that day we still not sure but it's all that we have now, " the blonde vampire said to hear the sound of the glass cracking meaning that the lord is not happy with the latest investigations outcome

" Kaname you need to be patient we will find him it just needs some time " the blonde vampire spoke trying to calm his friend

" We don't have much time " the Lord spoke his voice was clear that he was angry

" oh I almost forgot " Takuma spoke trying to change the subject " here is what you asked me for, it's a very unique design you asked for " he placed a small gift box on the lord desk

" I will go to take some rest, "the blonde vampire said before he left

taking the box he opened it to examine it contains he examined it for a few seconds before he closed the box and putting it inside the cupboard and closing it with a key

" Althea " her friend Hana called her

" yes " Althea replied

" look there these two girls are looking at you and whispering something for some time now " hearing what her friend said she turned around looking at the two

they were the same two girls from before " let them, come help me to put those in the oven " Althea said

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" I have a bad feeling about these " Hana mumbled to herself as she opened the oven

after sometime later

" I'm very sorry I wasn't looking " Althea apologized for colliding with the passing maid the that she shouldn't have collided with Risa

" You did that on purpose " Risa shouted making everyone in the kitchen look at them

knowing that she wants to create a scene Althea decided to not fall for her trap " I said I'm sorry " Althea apologized again

" you know what Althea you always like an innocent girl and you get off with whatever you do " Rias raised her voice even louder to get the attention of the other maids

" why are making a scene when nothing has happened? are you planning something again? " glaring at her Althea asked in a firm tone

" stop acting Althea I saw you pushing her friend " another maid joined to Risa

rising her eyebrow Althea spoke " you saw me "

" yes " the maid answered immediately

" Are you sure? " Althea asked her on more time

not understanding what Althea up to the girl answered her hesitantly " y... yes "

"then make sure that you see this " after finishing speaking Althea slapped Risa making her lose her balance

covering the said of her with her hand Risa shooted " you bitch you slapped me again "

" watch your language Risa, and yes I did "

" you are a whore do you think that no one noticed how the lord treat and favor you since you came and everyone here knows that you have been warming the lord bed " Risa spoke making everyone gasp

" Risa what are saying you are for sure you will be fired this time " one of the old maids spoke

she did care about what the old woman said she was focusing on how well Althea will react

" I think you got confused here I'm not the one who sneaks in the middle of the night to go to the guards' rooms " Althea spoke smirking

hearing what Althea said everyone turned around looking at Risa

" and I was wondering where do you go every night " her friend spoke confirming Althea words

" no she is lying that is not true, but you what are you doing in the lord library every day" Risa spoke trying to defend herself

" well I'm his maid " Althea paused walking closer to Risa and spoke " you should about lowering your passionate screams at night it's disgusting and it disturbing my sleep "

hearing this Risa became very angry she was about to raise her hand to hit Althea when the presence stop her

" Althea " hearing the lord voice Althea turned around to see the Lord standing there looking angry
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    《healing heart》