healing heart
96 She will be a difficult wife to handle
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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96 She will be a difficult wife to handle

upon hearing his voice Althea turned around to look at him she could tell that he was angry this the first time she sees that look and for a minute it terrified her

" I will see you in the library in five minutes," the lord said before he turned around and left

she sighed once she saw him left it's going to be a long night Althea thought " Hana please take care of everything I will back shortly " Althea said

" don't worry but will you be alright by yourself the lord looked very angry just now " Hana spoke

" There is nothing to worry about I'm sure he just scold me for slapping her again " Althea throw a deadly glare at Risa as she spoke

knocking on the door Althea pushed the wooden door open and walked inside she saw that Takuma was there and that answered her question on how did the lord knew about what was happening in the kitchen " that man has a big mouth " Althea said in her mind

" You asked for me lord Kaname," Althea said as she stood in front of him

the lord fixed his eyes on her for sometime before he spoke " what happened in the kitchen just now Althea "

" well to make it short that maid spoke ill about and I defended myself " Althea spoke to see the lord glaring at her and glared back showing him that she was not afraid of him

" defending yourself by slapping her is this looks right to you " the Lord spoke with an angry tone

" if that's what it takes then yes I will hit her again " Althea replied

" tell me, Althea, how do you get so low and do things like this " the lord had enough of her stubbornness

" well excuse me my lord as you know I wasn't born in a noble family so I don't know how the upper class such as yourself deal with a situation like this " Althea said as went close to the deck that lord was sitting behind it

" that was not I meant Althea..." the Lord wanted to explain but Althea cut him off

" no that is what exactly you mean, listen to me lord Kaname I'm not some kind puppy that you order around nor I do not like to obey orders I came here only to work and earn money so I can afford to pay my mother medicine other than that nothing is important to me so if you think that my behavior is not suitable then you can go ahead and expel me " after saying this Althea walled towards the door and left the room

Takuma who was not far away from the lord was very shocked with what just happened did she just talked back and that one who she just said those words to was none other than Kaname that girl has dug her grave, glancing at his friend who was still silent and didn't speak a word taking a closer look at him he saw him smiling

" she will be a difficult wife to handle " the lord suddenly said after a long time of silence shocking his friend more

in the kitchen

" Althea tell me what happened I was very worried, " Hana asked

" nothing I just have been scolded " Althea replied

" But you look very angry," Hana said making Althea glare at her

" and who I am supposed to act when I just have been scolded, " Althea said then went to finish her work


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almost two weeks have gone and Althea and the lord didn't speak actually the lord had made an attempt to talk with her but she was stubborn as ever the lord knew that he hurt her by saying these words to her but he never thought that she will take it this far he didn't want to push her more so he gave her the space that she needs but what Althea didn't know that the lord patient is running out

a knock on the door brought the lord out from his thoughts, the door opened and lady Chou came in with a tray in her hands

" good morning my lord " the old lady spoke as she placed the tray on the table

" good morning " the lord replied than asked " where is Althea? "

" oh yes I forgot to tell she went to her mother house to spend the Spring weekend with her " the old lady replied

" thank you, lady Chou you can leave now," the lord said

once the doors closed the sound of glass shattering was heard clearly throughout the mansion the lord was very angry and this time Althea won't be able to avoid her punishment


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