healing heart
97 Punishment part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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97 Punishment part one

to enjoy the Spring weather Althea took her mother for a walk outside the house it's been long since her mother been outside so she thought that it's a good idea now that the weather is a warmer

" it's good that you decided to take her out " Jan spoke

" yes though I had a difficult time to convince her, " Althea said letting out a tired sigh

noticing that her friend was in a bad mood Jan came to sit beside her " what's wrong Althea you seem bothered " Jan asked

" it's nothing Important don't worry " Althea replied smiling at her friend

eyeing her closely Jan could tell that she was telling the truth " you are lying Althea, now tell me what happened, wait don't tell that... " Jan paused for a minute before she continued " something happened between you and the lord am I right "

" It scares me that you always read me like an open book, " Althea said as she looked at her mother to check on her

" yes something happened, " Althea said confirming her friend thoughts

" and speak Althea or I will throw you in the river " Jan spoke getting impatient with her friend

Althea laughed lightly before she spoke "I don't how to say it " Althea spoke teasing her friend

" I will throw in the river Althea " Jan threatened her

" Alright alright I will tell, I slapped the same maid again and he saw that so he thinks that my behavior is not proper and that's it " Althea spoke making her friend sigh in frustration

" you know what you always took love for granted and now that fall in love you still act foolishly believe me Althea the pain of losing the one you love is far greater than you think, " Jan said feeling disappointed with her friend

" no you are wrong Jan I never took anything for granted " Althea paused as she looked at her mother " and yes losing the one we love is very painful but she is the most important thing to me and I know if lost her I won't be able to love anyone else " Althea words made her friend more frustrated

" are saying that you don't love him and he means nothing to you I'm sorry Althea but you are being the hypocrite you cannot just deny the truth " Jan spoke being more honest with her friend

" I'm not besides you know that him and I are two different and who do think this will end with happy ever after, no matter how happy I'm with him we could never be together they are too many obstacles that we cannot pass so it's a matter of time for him to realize that " Althea spoke with a sad tone which couldn't hide

" obstacles that he is willing to cross for you Althea, don't you think that you are being selfish not wanting to sacrifice anything? " Jan asked

" I don't know Jan let's not talk about this anymore," Althea said as she stood up from her place walking to her mother side

" I hope you won't regret your words someday " Jan mumbled to herself as she followed her friend


the week went by in blink of an eye Althea had so much fun with her mother the spend most of the week together the fresh air had it's effect on her mother as her health was slightly better seeing the smile on her mother face the entire week made her forgot about everything especially what happened between her and the lord and now that she was getting ready to go back to the mansion she was a bit nervous on how the lord will react especially that she didn't see him before she left a week ago and asked the old lady to inform him

it was almost sunset when Althea arrived at the mansion once she reached to entrance of the mansion she felt very nervous but she pushed her feelings aside and went straight to her room

she took a quick bath and start to unpack her clothes by the time she was almost done she heard a knock on the door she went to see who is it

opening the door she founded one of the maids standing outside her room " good evening Althea the lord is asking for you " the young maid inform her

" thank you," Althea said before closing the door

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she sat on the bed lost not knowing what to do she was really afraid to go and see him that she thought that she should not go and apologies to him in the morning and tell that she sick but if she didn't go she knew that he will come and discover the truth

" what should I do," Althea said to herself


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