healing heart
98 Punishment part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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98 Punishment part two

Warning mature content


she never came here feeling this nervous and anxious dragging her feet she walked up the stairs feeling that her heart is about to escape from her chest

knocking on the library she waited but no answered she pushed the door open and peeked inside she found no one was there closing the door she walked towards the bedroom to find that door was slightly open

she took a deep breath to calm herself but it did nothing she thought that it's best to go to back to her room as she was so scared to face him after what she said that day

pushing the already open door she walked inside

" what took so long Althea " came the lord voice making almost want to open the door and run

turning around she saw him sitting on the chair with his legs crossed one above the other staring coldly at her

" I... I " she tried to say something but nothing came out of her lips

" you what speak Althea, " the lord said as he stood up walking towards her

Althea closed her eyes for a second trying to calm herself " I apologize for being late my lord, do you need something " Althea said lifting her head her blue like ocean eyes meeting his red ones

" hmm you have nothing else to apologize for, " the lord said as he took one of her hair locks bringing it close to her lips

" I don't remember that I have done anything that worth to apologize for " she spoke to see the amusement look on his face

closing the distance between them he pushed her against the door as he brought her lips close to her ear " am I not intimidating to you or perhaps it's because that I keep forgive you every time you do something hmm answer me Althea " he brought his face close to hers to look at her face

she could feel his breath on her skin as he trapped her with both of his arms on the sides of the door now she was really afraid of him she didn't see this said of him before that's what the old lady warned her about that if kept on pushing she will see the ugly said of him

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" I didn't do anything to forgive me, in fact, I never I never asked you to forgive me " she insisted on continuing being stubborn and provoke him more

" Are you testing my patience Althea " the Lord spoke his tone was clear that he was getting angry, he lifted her face harshly making her shift in discomfort

Althea glared at him as she tried to remove his hand " why are you doing this? tell me, you keep telling me that you won't hurt me than what you call this " she paused pointing at his hand that was harshly grasping her face " using inhuman power just to make me scared " she tried to stay strong Infront of and not let her tears betray her

" Please let me go " the lord heard her say as a tear fall from her eye and Landed on his hand

he felt his heartache seeing her like this he pushed her too far this time he that she was very fragile yet he did this, he let go of her face and wiped her tears with his thumb he was about to kiss her when Althea stopped him placing her hands on his chest to push him

" don't touch me," she said

but the lord reaction was to pull her in his arms hugging her tightly " I'm sorry Althea for scaring you " the lord whispered as he rubbed her back in a soothing manner

Althea tried to struggle to get out of his grasp but the lord was stronger than her eventually she surrounded letting him hug her and honestly it felt good to be in his arms through she didn't want to admit as she very angry at him

" I still have to punish you for leaving without my permission," the lord said making her shiver in fear

" what are you going to do, " Althea said trying to take a step back but the lord was faster as he lifted her in his arms walking towards the bed

lying her gently on the bed her vision was covered by his devilishly handsome face as he climbed atop of her Althea froze when she felt his body above her

" w... what are you going to do? " she asked afraid of the unknown

the Lord replied by capturing her lips with his he kissed her slowly not wanting to scare her he kissed her slowly gently until he felt her body relax a bit he pulled back from her lips to her cheeks to her jawline he lick her throat making her shiver as his wet tongue touched her skin his lips move to her neck peppering it with kiss

" Ah " Althea moaned loudly when he sucked her neck her hands went to hold his shoulder trying to push him away

but the lord sucked harder on her throbbing point making her body to become weak as she moved her to the side giving him more access

Althea suddenly felt his fangs pierce the skin of her neck the sudden pain made her body tremble she could hear the sound of her blood been sucked clearly in her ear it was painful yet somehow pleasurable she was ashamed of herself that she gave in to her desires

the lord pulled his fangs back from her neck and licked the newly opened wound to heal it he looked up to find her looking at him with half-closed eyes her cheeks were red from blushing her lips were slightly open panting softly this sight made him almost lose his control and take her right now but no he must be patient for the punishment he was preparing for her will make pant even

he reached to lift the end of her nightgown to her waist Althea hand reached to prevent him from lifting it " lord Kaname please " Althea pleaded him

removing her hands gently he hovered above her whispering in her ear in a husky voice " by the time I'm done with you, you will beg for more "


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