healing heart
99 Punishment part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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99 Punishment part three

Warning mature contact


Althea's eyes widened when she heard his words she didn't understand what he meant exactly she thought that if she could talk to him he maybe won't do anything to her she looked up to find him looking at her

" mmm... lord Kaname please let me go I'm very sorry for leaving with your permission I promise I won't do it again " Althea spoke begging him but he has no attention of letting her go

" relax Althea, I won't take you tonight but I'm going to do it will help you to be more comfortable when that times come " the lord spoke against her lips as his fingers worked on unbuttoning the front of her nightgown one after the other as his lips kissed her passionately silencing her protests in a sweet kisses

when Althea open her lips trying to breathe some air the lord took the chance to enter his tongue tasting the sweetness that he has been missing for a week

he kissed her until she was out of breath letting go of her lips he pushed the fabric of her already opened nightgown aside to reveal her beautiful skin for him

" Please stop " he heard her say her voice seemed that she was crying

when looked up to see that she was indeed crying " Shh don't cry " the Lord spoke to her gently as he runs his fingers through her hair to soothe her

" tell why you crying, " the lord asked in a gentle so wouldn't scare her more than she already is

" it reminds..." Althea paused to take a deep breath " it reminds me of that day " she spoke avoiding his eyes

he brought her face so that she will look at him " I know and I understand " the Lord spoke making her look at him as caressed her cheek lovingly with the back of his hand

" do you trust me Althea? " the sudden question made her look at him in confusion and it made her ask herself the same question-does she trusts him or can she, she was afraid of giving away her trust only to be betrayed

the struggle between her mind and heart made it very difficult for her to decide " Yes " she answered deciding to choose her heart hoping she won't regret it

"then allow me to show you what being in love is like, " the lord said before capturing her lips in a very hungry and rough kiss he showered her with face with wet kisses

his lips move lower from her face to her neck kissing and sucking every inch of her skin that his lips could reach he looked up to see the dizzied expression on her face he felt her body was more relaxed to his touch this

he pushed the front of her dress open to expose her the skin that was hidden behind the fabric through Althea wasn't as thin as the other girls in her age but her body had the right curves in the right places making any man lose their control to have her

without any warning he sucked her nibble making her body arch of the bed giving him more access she covered her mouth to prevent any strange sound from coming out the lord didn't stop her as her hand hardly did anything to stop the moans of pleasure that she was feeling

she felt a strange feeling in her stomach it felt like there was a knot seeking some kind of release along with moist feeling in her private area the more he lips sucked the sensitive skin of her breasts the more these feelings increased she could only pant trying to not let her voice be loud

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he flicked his tongue around her nipple gently grazing it with his fangs he sucked her nipple more harshly making her body arching off the bed " ah ples... sto..." she could even finish her words as he sucked on her other nipple

she trampled underneath him she didn't that lust can make one lose his control over his own body. she was no longer resisting she gave up long ago letting him have full control over her body

pushing her dress up to her waist he saw her close her legs tightly he caressed the sides of her thighs gently he lowered his head pushing her dress further up revealing her flat abdominal for him he kills her stomach moving down to the edge of her undergarment he didn't touch or kissed her womanhood yet

kissing her thighs he felt her relax her legs slowly he parted her legs still caressing them gently drowning circles on her stomach close to the desired place

once he parted her legs he settled between them so she won't close them again, Althea felt very embarrassed to in this position but her body craved for the pleasure that he was about to give

she felt him his hands started to pull her undergarment down her legs at the moment her breath hitched in her throat she wanted to tell him that it was her first time but she was too embarrassed " lord Kaname " she called him her voice almost a whisper

hovering his body above her " yes " the lord replied as he kissed her forehead gently she looked so cute even when she was nervous

with her lower half exposed she could feel something was pushing against her realizing what that is she blushed not knowing what to say

" its too embarrassing could you please stop " she spoke not looking in his eyes

" How can I stop when you even haven't experienced your first orgasm " his hand went to down between there body he merely touched her clit with her finger and her body arched off the bed she was very sensitive he noticed

he rubbed his finger gently at first before gradually increasing the pressure causing her body to squirt under his touch

when he increased the more she moaned loudly hiding her face in his chest the pleasure was becoming too much for her to handle

" look at me Althea I want to see your face " she heard the lord say and she obeyed him not wanting to take the risk of disobeying him again resting her head on the pillow he could now see her beautiful face twisting in pleasure

he withdrew his fingers from her only to replace it with something more pleasurable he positioned himself between her thighs he once his wet tongue made a contact with her clit her body trampled in pleasure he held her hips down as he tongue worked inside of her slick walls as he explored her most private place

he swirled his tongue quickly as he found her sweet spot " Kaname " she screamed as she pulled the sheets under her

he continued his torture upon the young girl, her moans become louder her breathing became hotter she felt like she was about to reach some kind of release

his tongue increase its movement as he dived deeper inside of her she felt muscles of her lower abdomen tighten before waving of explosion pleasure as she experienced her first orgasm

gradually slowed down the movement of his tongue letting have the full experience

when she thought that he was done with she felt him take her clit between his lips sucking it roughly and the building pleasure was back to her system sooner than she expected

about an hour later the young girl laid weakly on the bed as the didn't same too had enough of punishing her when she was about to reach her fifth climax that night she begged weakly her voice was hoarse from the screaming " I ca... no more plea...se "

her pleads went unheard by him as he made her reach her climax again

having no power to keep her eyes open any longer she falls asleep after this long night she promised herself to not disobey him again.


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