healing heart
101 Lost, empty
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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101 Lost, empty

" what is it Seiren you have returned very quickly " the Lord spoke as was signing some pepper's

" my lord I came to inform you that lady Althea is sick and you asked to inform you that she can not go out " the young vampire female spoke informing her lord

" thank you Seiren you can leave now " once Seiren left the pureblood vampire run his hand through his dark hair tiredly

she was lying the lord knew that he couldn't understand her or make her trust him completely with every step he takes towards her she takes two steps back, he was wrong she was damaged more than he thought that it's hard for to trust anyone and especially him considering what happened to her mother

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if she only knew how hopelessly he loves her and the power that she has over him she captive him with nothing but the beautiful smile that can make any man fall for her and he was no different, her blue like ocean eyes and her rosy lips she is charming very alluring everything about her attract him

in his long life he never thought that any women can make him fall in love or even get his attention but she successfully did without much effort on her part he the vampire's king the strongest pureblood alive have surrounded his heart to that beautiful little girl that she is recklessly toying with his heart, the lord smiled brightly as looked at the almost dark sky

waiting for him in his room Althea thought that time is passing slowly she kept on looking at the time waiting for his return, she wanted to clarify everything so he doesn't misunderstand her actions she is very grateful to him and everything he did for her

but tonight everything has to end everything that is happening between the both of them is not right and it will cost them a price she is not ready to pay, she was torn between her heart and mind, her heart wants to ignore everything and follow her feelings be her mind told that she was dreaming of the impossible it was an endless battle of between her heart and mind that left her exhausted

after about two hours later she heard a foot's steps coming closer with every step she felt that her heart is about to escape from her chest

the door opened and the entered to his room to see her standing there near the window he had felt her presence the moment he climbed the first stair and he was surprised to find her he thought that she will lock herself in her room to avoid seeing him

" good evening lord Kaname " Althea was the first one to speak

closing the door behind him he walked towards her ' good evening Althea, I'm surprised to see you here " the Lord spoke now he is standing Infront of her

clearing her throat she replied " about that I wanted to see that I'm sorry for refusing your invitation I want to clarify why I refused it " she spoke trying her best to not be weak

" There is nothing to clarify you are sick isn't that what you said " the Lord spoke as he took off his coat throwing it on the sofa

" The truth is I wasn't sick i..." she wanted to say more but the lord cut her off

" Why did you lie Althea? " he asked as he lifted her head to look at him

" Because this isn't right " she paused pointing at the two of them " you know that no matter how happy we will be for a few moments the reality will hunt us we can never be together "

" so you want to end everything? " he asked her another torturing question

taking a deep breath she answered " yes "

" why? " another question making her feel more guilty

" Please don't make this hard for me than it already is " she pleaded him to stop torturing her as she tried her best to prevent her tears from falling

" I didn't make anything hard Althea it's you who making it hard for no reason " he spoke to see her avert her eyes avoiding his gaze

" SPEAK Althea or you don't have nothing to say now " he raised his voice to see her flinch and took a step back

" I said everything that I have, I'm very sorry but we can never be together," Althea said before leaving the room

closing the door to her room behind her and locked it she walked towards the bed for the first time in her life Althea felt unbearable pain in her heart she felt that she was suffocating the tears that she has been holding have come out as she sobbed silently she covered her mouth with her hand to no let anyone hear her crying

that night Althea didn't sleep she cried till the morning as her tears didn't stop from falling she felt lost empty she wanted to tell that loved him but she feared he wouldn't let her go once she says and that will only make things more difficult for the both of she accepted her fate even love is something is not allowed to her

how cruel her destiny is.


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