healing heart
102 Nightmare part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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102 Nightmare part one

it's been more than a week has passed since Althea last saw the lord they didn't speak since that night after that Althea didn't saw him she wanted to see him, to apologize to him but what right does she have now he only was good to her he never hurt her and protected her all the time, forgetting the one you loved is the hardest thing a person can do that she knew, but it's for the best at least she won't have to worry about her mother knowing about everything, it's all for the best that's what she kept on reminding herself everyday but deep down she was struggling to get passed every single day that's the cost for her decision and she has to suffer while paying it

" here's your tee lord Takuma " pleasing the try on the table Althea bowed and was about to leave

" Althea wait please " Takuma called her

" Is there anything else you need?" she asked completely aware of the pair of eyes that were staring at her which belonged to no other than Aido

" yes please, sit down Althea I want to talk to you about something " Takuma spoke gently to the young girl

she sat across of him and waited for him to speak knowing exactly what he will talk to her about

" Althea I know its not my place to ask but what happened between you and Kaname, " the blonde vampire asked

Althea decided to answer his question knowing that both of them are good people despite being hated by the other vampire

" the lord is a very kind person but being together is something that will never happen, and I think it's for the best " she replied to see the surprised look on the blue eyes vampire

" You thought that I was getting closer to the lord to earn his favor so that I will have the power and the fortune but I'm sorry to disappoint you " Althea spoke not missing the shocked look on Aido face

" if there's nothing else I will take my leave," she said as she stood up

" no thank you, Althea," Takuma said and she left once the door was fully closed he turned to look at Aido

" I guess it turned out that you were wrong Aido and now this poor girl is suffering, " Takuma said

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day's went by and now it's almost a month since she last saw the lord it made it easier to Althea to get used to it no she didn't got used to it she just learned how to live with it every night she goes to the bed she cries till she falls asleep most of the nights were sleepless she missed him her heart yearned to for him she wondered if he was thinking about her or has forgotten about her the thought of him not caring for her brought sadness to her heart

" Althea are you alright? " the old lady hurried to her side when she heard her coughing

she wanted to answer her but the coughing didn't stop Althea it started a few days ago the old lady noticed and it was getting worse every day, Althea placed her hand on her chest trying to catch her breath she lifted her face to look at the old her face was extremely pale she was barely managing to keep standing on her feets

" I'm fine don't worry " Althea spoke her voice was very weak

" no you are not you need to go to.... " the old lady couldn't finish her words as she saw the young girl clinched the fabric above her chest like she was in pain as her body give up

" Althea Althea look at me " the old lady caught her before she falls on the ground

" someone help call a doctor immediately " the old lady screamed for the passing maids

hearing the noise outside the two nobles vamper came to see what's going on they saw that most of the servants had gathered around the old lady

" step aside please, " Aido said to the servants and all of them stepped back

both of them were shocked to see Althea body lying lifelessly in the old lady hands the girl looked very pale and there was blood coming out from the corner of her mouth

" whet happened? " Takuma asked as he checked her pulse to his surprise her hear was barely beating

" I don't know " the old lady replied as she was crying

" everyone gets back to your work now," Takuma said before he turned around to face Aido " go inform Kaname " the blonde vampire before he gathered the young girl in his arms walking towards the lord room

standing beside the bed Takuma watched the doctor as he examined Althea he could tell by the doctor behavior that situation isn't good

" her condition is not very promising the symptoms that her body showed indicate that she was poisoned I need some time to know what kind poison she was poisoned with but even if I don't recommend that to have high hopes that she will survive," the doctor said before he gathered his equipment

hearing the old lady body fall on the chair and started crying

" Are you sure there is nothing we can do? " Takuma asked not believing what he just heard

" I gave her some antidotes and analgesic I'm very sorry but she is a human lord Takuma there is nothing we can do more " the doctor replied " I will come to check on her in the evening, " the doctor said before leaving

he can't believe what he just heard she will die that easily what about Kaname and her mother they will both will heartbroken and devastating he couldn't believe how cruel life is she still young yet everything was taken from her, he could only hope that life will give them a second chance

sensing the lord presence both Takuma and the old lady turned to look at the already open door

once he entered the room both friends exchanged a look before the lord made his way towards the bed where the young girl was lying on

Takuma and the old lady left the room giving him the chance to spend what it could be her last moments with

he lied down beside her and carefully pulled her body in his arms kissing her forehead gently he took a look at her beautiful pale face he brought his hand placing it on her weakly beating heart it scared him who weak her heart beating

" I'm sorry I shouldn't have left you alone forgive me Althea " the Lord whispered to her as he put his forehead on hers
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    《healing heart》