healing heart
103 Nightmare part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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103 Nightmare part two

he waited for her to open her eyes that night but nothing happened he wanted a glimpse of those blue eyes he longed to hear her voice even if they could not be together he was fine with her alive protecting her from afar

protecting he even failed doing that he promised her that nothing will happen to that no harm will befall her but what he did? nothing and now she is surfing, the feeling of guilt was eating him from the insides

touching her forehead he realized that her fever is very high he got off the bed and took off his coat and rolling up his sleeves he went inside the bathroom to fill the tube with a cold water once the tube was filled he got back to the room removing the cover of her body he lifted her in his arms gently as if he was afraid to break her

placing her in the tube her body flinched when it touched the cold water. holding her body with one hand he used the other to push hair of her face before he soaked her body fully in the water making sure that she can breathe he stayed like this until her fever subside now she was lying on the bed again after he changed her nightgown and dried her hair, sitting on the chair across the bed he held her hand gently as he was waiting for the doctor to arrive

fifteen minutes later

" it appears that she was poisoned on small doses through food whoever did it must have known that this kind of poison is more deadly what it's given in small doses " the doctor informed the lord

" how long she has " the Lord spoke shocking everyone in the room

" three weeks or maybe less " the doctor answered honestly

the atmosphere in the room became quiet everyone in the room was waiting for the lord to say something but he closed his eyes and stayed quiet as if he was thinking of something

" gather a group of the best doctors in the Senate and bring them here, I want them to be here by tomorrow morning," the Lord said to the doctor

" understood my lord, I will do my best, " the doctor said

a knock on the door brought everyone attention the doors pushed open and Jan went inside the girl's eyes were very red from crying

" good evening everyone," Jan said she barely standing to be hereafter she learned about what happened to Althea

the lord got up from his place and greeted her personally " good evening Jan " the lord said

" I read the reports there is nothing I can add it there is no cure for this position " Jan paused holding back her tears " It's only a matter of time before " she couldn't say it nor believe that her best friend will just die like that

" however there is a town on the eastern lands that have doctors are experienced in the ancient medicine I will go there maybe I can find something," Jan said

" yes I heard of that town they cured many kinds of disease that modern medicine couldn't treat " the doctor confirmed

" then why didn't you say it before no or perhaps you want her to die, " Jan said surprising the old doctor with her words

" excuse me young lady are you accusing me here? "

" miss Jan please that's is not the time for this " Takuma said trying to calm her

but Jan paid no mind to them or the fact that they are all vampires and they could kill her

" I'm accusing you and everyone in this mansion " Jan spoke but was stopped by the lord how placed his hand on her shoulder Jan lifted her head and looked at him

" I will take my leave now as soon I have something I will get back quickly please take care of her " Jan said before she left


sensing the movement beside him the lord looked down at the young girl how was lying beside him starting to regain her consciousness her eyes fluttering trying to open them

" Althea " the Lord called her name gently

she wanted to speak but as soon she was fully a week she started coughing the Lord helped her to sit up he passes her a cup of water hoping it will ease that coughing Althea drank the whole cup before heading it back to him

" how do feel now," the Lord asked as he patted her head gently

" My body hurts so much l, what happened to me I didn't remember anything " Althea replied while trying to remember how she got here

" I will tell you everything but first you must eat something," he said as he tugged a lock of her hair behind her ear

she nodded her head and he kissed her forehead gently and pulled back to look at her he couldn't believe that he got a chance to hear her voice and look at these pair of blue eyes

" is it hot? " the Lord asked her after feeding her some of the soup

" no it's good " she replied and went back to feed her the rest of the soup

one by one he fed the entire bowl of soup wiping her mouth gently he passed her the pills of medicine and a cup of water

" what's wrong? " he asked when he noticed that she was looking at him for some time now

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" I missed you " he heard her say

suddenly his own heart skip a beat at her words he doesn't deserve these feelings of her he would rather for her to hate him than hear those words from her he felt guilty his arrogance cost her, her life now he promised himself to find who did that to her and never let see the light of day again

he saw her trying to get close to him but she was too weak to move her body he got closer to her only to be pulled in her arms she hugged him weakly and burying her face in his neck

" Please let stay like this for a while it makes me feel safe " he heard her say and ones again his old heart skip his beat


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