healing heart
104 Nightmare part three
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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104 Nightmare part three

Althea was shocked when the Lord told about everything that happened she was scared terrified who could do something like that Io to her, what about her mother how will take care of her what will happen to her she couldn't stop crying as the lord hugged her closely

" Forgive me, Althea, I failed to protect you " he whispered in her ear

she pulled back from his embrace she looked up meeting his eyes she shocked her head " no it's not your fault please don't blame yourself " more tears fall from her eyes

she wanted to say something else but she started coughing blood started to come out of her mouth she felt very scared when she saw the blood on her palm

" don't be scared Althea " she heard the lord say to her

Althea nodded her head trying to remain calm as much as she could she looked up to him and saw the hurt and angry look in his eyes he picked her up walking towards the bathroom room he helped her to clean her hands she could hardly stand at her own without his help the poison is spreading faster than he thought he only hope that he can find a cure before it's too late

after changing into a clean nightgown he lied her on the bed and she falls asleep quickly due to the exhausting

he watched her as she slept he couldn't sleep afraid that he will wake up and find that she is gone how he will live without in this world meeting her brought colors to his dark world her eyes her smile her sadness everything about her had filled his empty heart, he stayed awake watching over her hoping that with the new sunrise a hope will be found

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almost ten days have passed since what happened nothing changed with every passing day her health has been worsened every passing day

the doctors tried every possible method but nothing worked even her friend Jan has traveled to the eastern lands but she found no cure,

the lord has locked himself in his room refusing to see or speak with anyone he spends most of the time taken care of her seeing her suffer from the pain has broken him heart the only thing he was able to do is make her fall asleep using his powers as some nights nothing worked to ease the pain that she was feeling he felt helpless he couldn't do anything, the lord has gone made when one of the doctor's told that he should end her life with his own hands as there was no hope of her recovery he killed him at the same moment he spoke this words

Althea was sitting on the bed as the Lord took care of her hands Althea was looking in awa at his work he was giving her a nails treatments his work was so professional she just sat there watching him as working on her fingers nails finishing the with one hand he took her other hand and started to work on it after he was done she looked at both of her hands that were perfectly done

" How did you learn to do that? " surprised Althea asked how could someone like him know about that unless he was perverted as she suspected

inching closer to her he kissed the corner of her lips " I'm afraid that's a secret that I can not tell my dear " he whispered in her than he pulled back to look at her face

" well if you dont tell than I'll just think of you as a pervert," Althea said as she covered her mouth trying not to laugh loudly

the lord didn't respond he just gazed at her he wished that he can always make her happy and smiling like that her smile is breathtaking no everything about is breathtaking, his heart ached ķnowing that he might weak up to find that she is already gone

he reached his hands and pulled her body into his embrace she was shocked at first but then she rested her head on his chest feeling the warmth of his body on her skin it soothed her it was like she felt protected from anything when being in his arms, the feeling of his hand rubbing her back gently almost made her fall asleep but she wanted to ask something from him first

" lord Kaname " Althea was cut off by the lord he placed his finger gently on her lips

" don't call my lord just say my name," he told removing his finger from her lips

" but that's ..." he cut her off again

" please Althea " he spoke in a gentle voice as tugged a lock of hair behind her ear

" alright lo.. I mean Kaname " she said his name almost in a whisper

" Good girl," the lord said as he patted her head gently running his fingers through her soft heir

" I want to ask something from you," Althea said as he lied her back on the bed

" anything you want " the replied as he brought her hand to his lips kissing her knuckles

" I want to see my mother," Althea said as she looked at his face

the lord didn't say anything he just waited for her to continue

" I want to see for the last time before " she paused wiping her tears " before that time comes "

the lord felt as if he was stabbed with a knife when he heard her works

he nodded his head gently at her than he covered her body with the blanket, pulling her body towards him he watched her as she falls asleep quickly due to her weak body
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    《healing heart》