healing heart
105 Nightmare part four
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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105 Nightmare part four

" her fever didn't subside for almost an hour now " the doctor spoke to the Lord who was sitting beside the unconscious girl holding her body close to him he could feel the heat of her face was very red due to the high fever nothing worked to reduce her fever

" leave " the lord ordered and all the doctors in the room left

placing his forehead on hers he saw her eyes fluttering trying to open them the lord pulled back a little to let at her she smiled slightly at him as if she was telling him that she was alright

she reached her hand touching his face her hand was so soft against his skin he leaned to her touch, Althea watched him as he brought her hand to his lips kissing her palm he kissed it once twice as if he was trying to memorize everything about her

" Kaname " Althea spoke her voice was weak

" yes " he replied gently as he changed the wet clothes on her forehead replacing it with another one

" I want you to promise me something," Althea said as she looked into his eyes and he somehow felt like he knew what she was about to say

" I want you to take care of my mother if something happened... " the lord cut her off by kissing her lips gently silencing her he didn't want to hear what she was about to say he refused to believe what is happening he can't imagine her leaving his side

she closed her eyes surveying the feeling of his lips on hers a drop of tears escaped from her eyes and fall on the pillow under her head as he kissed her passionately

" don't say these words again you will live and take care of her do you understand Althea you are not allowed to leave me " he whispered against her lips wiping her tears

she nodded her head slowly as more tears falling from her eyes


" lord Kaname you know that if that opinion didn't work she will die, " Jan said not believing what she just heard

the lord had suggested using his blood as antidote this option could work but it could fail too it was a fifty percent chance for both outcome if it works than her body will return normal and she will recover quickly but if it failed then she will die it was hard decision to make but he was out of options and this was the only that was left

" I know," the lord said before he walked out of the library


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helping her to wear her coat the lord made sure that she was warm enough he gently lifted her in his arms as walked out of the room heading towards the car that was already waiting for them outside he carefully placed her weak body inside the car before he sat beside her he reached out resting her head on his chest he hugged her closely to kissing the top of her head gently from time to time

four days ago the lord moved in to his other mansion after that Althea told him that she was not comfortable in the big mansion the truth is Althea never liked to stay there but that was where she was supposed to be working but no one can know their destiny it never crossed her mind that she will fall in love with the vampire king, she wasn't feeling comfortable and afraid that someone will figure out her relationship with the lord and that won't appear good for her or the lord now that the two of them are alone and the old lady with no such single made around in this mansion she feels more comfortable and safe

when they reached her home the lord helped her to get out of the car they headed towards the already open door once she stepped inside the house Althea felt scared nervous and hesitating this could be the last time she sees her mother will she will be able to go in and see her she suddenly doubted her decision

once they reached her mother room the lord let go of her and she opened the door slowly to not wake her up its private moment between the two of them so he let go inside along giving her the space she needs

Althea sat on the chair that was near the bed she watched her mother as she was sleeping her mother is very beautiful woman and a kind mother she wished that she could wake her up so she can take her in her arms how badly she wanted to be hugged her mother, Althea didn't know how much she stayed there just watching her mother as was sleeping she suddenly felt a slight pain in her chest making her feel uncomfortable she took a deep breath trying to calm herself and she noticed that the pain disappeared kissing her mother forehead gently she finally left the room

on the way back Althea didn't stop crying she cried silently in the lord arms as he hugged her close to him he didn't stop her and how could he the young girl have been suffering all her life and now she was threatened by death such cruel destiny she had to face

" Here drink this " the Lord spoke passing her a warm glass of milk as she was lying on the bed

after they got back Althea has been very tired her body was very weak but she insisted on seeing her and he couldn't refuse or argue with her not when was in this state he was forced to comply to her wishes

she drank half of the glass before returning it to him the pain from earlier has started to come back she noticed it was getting stronger with every passing second the lord noticed the change in her breath as her heart quickened it's beating

" Althea " the lord called pushing her heir back to look at her face

her face turned very pale as she clinched her chest the pain becoming unbearable she heard the lord voice calling her before everything turned black


" lord Kaname are you sure about this," the doctor asked

the lord didn't respond and the doctor took it as approval to continue he hanged the VI drip and watched as the blood transferred inside her veins after about an hour the doctor removed the IV needle from her hand to see that little hole in her hand that was caused by the needle has already started to heal the lord exchanged a look with lord but it was too early to know if it's worked or not as they have to wait until tomorrow morning to see the results
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    《healing heart》