healing heart
106 Miracle part one
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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106 Miracle part one

he watched her for a long time now and nothing happened she was sleeping soundly even her heartbeat have returned to normal her breathing was even everything looked fine but he was still worried he hoped that she will wake up soon caressing her face gently the lord noticed something he pushed her hair exposing the skin of her neck to see that the scars on the side of her face and neck have disappeared a rare smile formed on his lips after seeing this kissing her forehead he lied the beside her trying to get some rest he hasn't slept well for a long time now once he closed his eyes he fell asleep


opening her eyes the first thing she noticed that she wasn't in pain like she would always feel when she wakes up in the last days but rather she felt good looking at her side she saw the lord sleeping beside her he must be tired she thought

she climbed off the bed careful not to make any noises slowly and carefully she walked towards the bathroom closing the door slowly she went towards the tub and started to fill it the with warm water taking her cloth off she put them in the cloth basket she always been a neat freak she just loves to say everything well organized

stepping inside the bathtub she sighed as the warm water touched her body making her feel relaxed she started to clean herself after about twenty minutes of nonstop scraping she almost peeled off her skin when she felt that she was finally clean she filled the tub again and rested her head on the edge of the bathtub thinking about what happened in last week's

so much has happened yesterday she thought that she was going to die but today here she is alive and well but how she was cured suddenly remained unknown to her she thought about asking the lord when he wakes up

thinking about the lord she remembered how he took care of her she was surprised that a lord like him knows how to take care of sick person he made sure that she was comfortable all the time he feed her combed her hair and even helped her to change her clothes thinking about that Althea covered her face with her hands blushing at the memory and to be honest with herself she never saw looking at her body every time he helped her instead he would look at her face to not make her feel uncomfortable he was a real gentleman any girl would dream about

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suddenly she heard a knock on the door before the door opened she hid under the foam making sure that she covered the parts that not must be seen

he marched towards the bathtub kneeling before the tub she didn't know how to react his eyes were on her gazing like he wanted to look into her soul

" Althea," the lord said fully aware that young girl was shy and embarrassed

tugging the wet hair strand behind her ear she shivered when she feeling his fingers on her skin he lifted her face to look at her " how do you feel? " he asked

" better " she replied finally looking at him

" that's good to hear, " the lord said before standing up

she followed his movements with her eyes and noticed that he was unbuttoning his shirt her eyes widened and looked away quickly was he going to do what she is thinking she suddenly become very nervous

the movements behind her got her attention the lord was already had taken off his clothes and stepped into the bathtub with her she hugged her knees to her chest in an attempt to cover herself

she heard the lord chuckle behind her before he placed his hands on her arms and rested his chin on her shoulder

" what are you doing? " she asked her checks blushing read

god why is he doing this to me doesn't he realize that we are undressed:- ( ・ั﹏・ั)

" We are taking a bath together isn't it obvious," the lord said as he tracing his fingers along the skin of her arm

Althea:- (;ŏ﹏ŏ)

" that's very inappropriate behavior," Althea said getting very nervous with every passing second

his response to her words was pulling her body towards him he hugged her body close to him she could feel the muscles against her back and his legs were on either side of her she was trapped

" I was afraid that I will lose you " the Lord spoke

her heart escaped a beat hearing his words it was the first time she hears him speak with that tone scared and tired

" I couldn't imagine a life without you in it I thought about taking my own life if I lost you " he continued removing her hair exposing her neck and shoulder to him he kissed the space behind her ear tracing his nose along the sensitive skin

Althea closed her eyes and bit her lips to prevent any strange sounds from escaping from her throat she tried to focus on his words

" I promised that I will never force you on anything " her eyes snapped open at his words

" if you don't wish to be by my side or see than please let protected you from afar I can't bear to lose Althea " the lord spoke tighten his arms around her

" I'm sorry I was a selfish person I only thought about myself " she reached her hand under the water and placed it on his hand

" I gave you hope only to betray you " she spoke feeling ashamed of herself he was always good to her

" you did no such thing having you in my life made me happy and for that, I think you, " the lord said bringing her hand to his lips kissing the back of it

" now let me help you," he said as he reached his hand for the shampoo bottle

" I already did that let me help you but you need to turn around first," Althea said taking the bottle from him

" Alright," he said and turned around

when saw that he wasn't looking she turned around supporting her weight on her knees she took the wooden ladle and started to pour the water on his hair she runs her fingers through his hair as she poured more water on it

" you have a very thick hair " she commented as she started to rube the liquid on his hair

the lord couldn't stop himself from laughing at her words " I'm sorry " she apologized when she felt that her words were not appropriate

" no please don't be," he said and the both of them fall silent

as she was massaging his scalp she noticed that his shoulder muscles were tense it was her fault she noted after washing the liquid of his her he was about to turn around but she stopped him " wait please " she said

he sat back allowing her to do what she wants he felt her hands on his shoulder gently massaging them it felt good relaxing she added more pressure and after a few minutes she felt his musicals completely relaxed she continued for a few more minutes when the lord suddenly turned around she covered his eyes with her hands in a reflect

" I already saw everything," the lord said making her blush

he removed her hands gently kissing them before letting them fall on the water

" The water is getting cold," he said before for opening the tap adjusting the hot water he was afraid that she will catch cold

" come here " the lord pulled her close making her sit between his legs " don't be scared I won't do anything, I just wanted to see something," he said as he pushed her hair to the other side

he touched her face were the sacres was " did you noticed? " the lord asked to see her nod her head

" I have been meaning to ask you how did this happen, " Althea said she was glad that he wasn't looking down at her body

" Forgive me I acted without asking but I just couldn't let you die, " the lord said making her confused

" I don't understand " Althea sighed to see him sigh

" I used my blood as an antidote to cure you it was the last option " the lord paused to look at her

" and what does that mean " she urged him to continue

" it doesn't change anything about your human self you are still human " the lord was cut off by her sudden hug

" thank you for saving me " he heard her say

he wrapped his arms around her body-hugging her tightly as he was afraid that she would disappear

they stayed like this for a while before Althea spoke " Kaname "

" Hmm " the lord hummed softly

" I'm hungry," Althea said making the lord laughing


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