healing heart
107 Miracle part two
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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107 Miracle part two

after eating three meal which was cooked by Althea as she insisted to cook it herself the lord sand for the doctor to have her checked to make sure that everything is alright with her

Althea sat on the bed as the doctor examined her the lord was sitting on the chair opposite of her it was unnecessary Althea said to the lord before the doctor came but he insisted to have her checked

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" everything looks fine I will continue to check on you for a week to observe your condition " the doctor pause to write something on his notebook

" you will have side effects such as a slight headache and stomachs and painful contractions during your next menstrual period so it's best to rest and try to not do any physical effort during that and it should be less been painful by the third day," the doctor said as he looked at the young girl

Althea was a bit nervous when the doctor kept looking at her she exchanged a look with the lord as she was asking what is going on

" it's truly a miracle that you survived," the doctor said to her

Althea smiled slightly and said "thank you "

after the doctor left Althea and the lord were alone together again she still not used to this situation, though the lord hasn't done anything unpropert to her but the thought of staying alone with him it made her very nervous, she heard the door opening and closing she looked behind her and saw the lord walking towards her

" what's wrong Althea? " the Lord asked as he sat beside her taking the hand that placed on her lap in his

" nothing " she replied looking at their

" nothing " she replied as she looked at their entwined hands

" then come with me I want to show you something, " the lord said as stood up still holding her hand she nodded her head and went with him

they headed towards the room that was next to the lords opening the door he led her inside before turning the lights on, the room was big and very warm-looking everything was new she could tell the bed sheets and the pillows the curtains she looked back at the lord how was not far behind her

" do you like it? " the Lord asked smiling gently at her

Ah that smile:-(ꏿ﹏ꏿ;) God have mercy on me

" yes it's very beautiful " she replied looking back at the room

walking close to her he hugged her from behind kissing the top of her head the lord spoke " I'm glad that you like it because this is your room from now on "

" what! but it's too big for me " she was surprised she never slept in a big room like this before

the lord tightened his hold around her waist he licked the space behind her ear and she shivered feeling his tongue on her skin " Kaname " she called trying to stop what is coming

" it's yours and it's decided " the lord whispered in her ear

" thank you " not wanting to be punished like that day she nodded her head and thanked him she was well aware how perverted his punishments are

" Good girl," the lord said and kissed her cheek

he turned her around to look at him she lifted her face her eyes meeting his Althea felt her cheeks blushing from his instance gazing she was well aware of the lust look that his eyes showed every time he looked at her but she always choose to ignore it, it was for the best or at least that's what she believed

" I want to take you to a place tonight you can refuse if you want " he spoke giving her the choice

she thought about it for a moment and then she decided to accept his invention " alright " she replied smiling slightly at him

the lord eyes fall on her lips he wanted to kiss those lips but he suppressed his desires she just recovered her health and he didn't want to scare the young girl, he kissed her forehead and spoke " you will find something inside the wardrobe, I will come to take at eight " he said before he left

Althea turned around looking at the big wardrobe she walked towards it and open it slowly her eyes widened upon seeing what was inside it the wardrobe was filled with many dresses she looked at each one of them every single one of them was beautiful her eyes noticed a familiar dress she took it out to see it, yes she remembered correctly this dress was the one that the Lord gifted her that day

looking at it the dress was very beautiful and the color was beautiful too how did he know that navy blue her favorite color she smiled as she looked at the dress placing it on the bed she decided to wear this one

she looked at the time and it was already seven and a half there was only half an hour left she quickly started to get ready


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