healing heart
108 For eternity
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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108 For eternity

closing the zipper of the dress Althea was glad that it was on the side not on her back she looked at her reflection on the mirror the dress looked good on her or that what she thought it was long sleeves dress with a V cut that stopped above her chest and stopped right below her knees

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walking towards the vanity she saw different kinds of perfumes and many other things she opened the drawer that was attached to the vanity and found makeup tools Althea blinked her eyes a few times

Althea:- (;ŏ﹏ŏ)

she didn't know if she should to laugh o cry she felt like a spoiled girl who has everything that wants without asking what will she will find more if she searched more picking up the makeup tools she decided to put a light make up now Althea may be the kind of girl that doesn't put make up most of the time but that doesn't mean that she doesn't know how to put it

looking at the time it was eight o'clock Althea took a deep breath trying to claim herself as she started to get nervous this is her first time to go out with a man and not just any man


Althea startled when she heard the knock on the door she patted her chest gently trying to calm her beating heart before walking towards the door to open it

" are you r... " the lord paused looking at the beautiful young girl in front of him her long hair was let down with soft weaves giving her a very youthful appearance he had the urge to run his hand through it

the color of the dress suited her skin she looked very beautiful and breathtaking, he stepped closer to her taking her hand he kissed the back of it " you look very beautiful I can not stop myself from gazing at your beauty " the lord said

tugging a lock of her nervously she felt like her heart is about to escape from her chest at his words

" thank you," Althea said smiling nervously

" shall we go, princess," the Lord said to see her nod her head

getting inside the car Althea took a glance at the lord how sat beside her he wore a black suit he looked very handsome and charming she shifted her eyes looking outside the window before he catches her looking at him

she felt his hand on her face making her turn to look at him " are you alright? " she heard him say as he caressed her face gently

" I'm fine thank you, just nervous " she replied honestly

he cupped the back of her head he pulled closer to him rubbing her back gently he whispered in her ear " you don't need to be nervous it's going to be a beautiful night " he kissed the top of her head and running his hand through that soft locks

Althea felt a bit relaxed when she was in his arms the feeling of his hand on her back rubbing it in a soothing manner it calming her from the inside

once they stepped out of the car she heard the lord say to her " close your eyes " Althea looked at him for some time before placing her hand in his and closing her eyes she felt his other hand on her waist leading her steps

as they walked Althea could feel that she was stepping on something it felt soft underneath her feet maybe its grass she thought, she was scared nervous happy and hesitated at the same time her feelings were all over the place

" Open your eyes " she heard the lord say as they stopped walking

when she opened her eyes it took her a few seconds to adjust her sight as her vision was blurry " this is beautiful " Althea said when she took a good look at her surroundings the place was filled with all kinds of flowers and roses the colors were very beautiful the ground underneath her was filled with flowers petals she couldn't stop from looking around her everything looked so good like a dream

she looked back at the lord her eyes a bit watery she didn't know why but she had the urge to cry " thank you for this, I don't know what to say " Althea said as she wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes

stepping closer to her he tugged a hair lock behind her ear he bent over placing a kiss on her both cheeks making he cupped her face " when I saw that day lying on the bed unmoving and I could barely hear your heartbeat it was the first that I ever felt hopeless I called your name but you never woke up the idea of losing you made me think that I pushed you too far " he paused kissing the corner of her lips

" I promised myself that I will never make you do anything forcefully or against you're well I only have one wish in this life is to keep you safe " by the time the lord finished his words Althea couldn't stop herself from crying she never thought that someone could love her this deeply

he was just asking to protect her and he did he saved her she was very selfish he was doing anything for her but she never did anything to him

" I love you," Althea said in a whisper she felt like some kind heat arise in her face when she said these words

lifting her face he looked in her eyes " and I you " the lord said before bending over kissing her lips lightly he pulled back to look at her blushful face she was beautiful utterly divine

" let's go inside shall we, " the lord said offering his hand and she took it

pulling the chair for her Althea sat down as she watched the lord taking the chair opposite of her as someone came placing two cups and a bottle of wine

" good evening lord Kaname, lady Althea " middle-aged man said as he poured the wine

the lord nodded his head acknowledging the man than he looked at the young girl in front of him " what are you laughing at? " the Lord asked after the man left

" oh it's nothing " Althea replied still laughing

" drink," the lord said pointing to the glass in front of her

" mmm I don't drink wine or any kind of alcohol sorry " Althea spoke apologetically she felt she was being rude but she didn't like drinking alcohol since she was young

" I'm sorry I didn't know that, but may I ask why? " the Lord asked it was rare to see someone who doesn't drink

" There is no specific reason I just fear doing strange things if I became drunk " Althea explained

" well you don't have to think about your behavior when you are with me," the lord said teasingly as he signaled to the middle-aged man

after the dinner the lord took Althea in a walk around the place Althea wasn't a chatting person the lord noticed that from the moment he met her but he also noticed that with him she speak more or at least she is trying to girls are very chatting creatures but she was different she doesn't speak much, it must be related to the environment she grew up in the lord thought

" is something the meter? " Althea asked noticing the lord staring at her

kissing the back of her hand " no everything is fine " the lord replied

she was about to say something when she heard the lord say " turn around " the lord said and Althea looked at him in confusion before turning around

she felt him pushing her hair aside and then she felt something placed on her neck turning her around she saw the lord smiling as he adjusted the necklace " it looks perfect on you " he said touching the surface of the necklace

looking at it Althea was very amazed by its shape she never saw something like this before " it's very beautiful I never saw a blue pearl before " she said as she looked at the necklaces

" But you already did so many things to me and you are gifting me this it's already more than enough " Althea spoke making the lord frown upon hearing her words

placing his finger on her lips " you deserve everything in this world Althea nothing is too much for you " the Lord spoke as he placed his hands on her waist pulling her closer to him

" I will pamper you for eternity," the said to see her look away hiding her blushful face from him

" this too much," Althea said as she hid her face in his chest


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