healing heart
109 Problems
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healing heart
Author :Cornflower
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109 Problems

after the they want back the lord had asked her to sleep first because he had some work to do and she did once she took a quick bath she went to sleep immediately she was very tired it was a long beautiful day Althea though as she closed her eyes she hoped that nothing bad will happen again she hoped that she can live a peaceful


that night Althea dreamed of a green beautiful forest she walked for a small distance before she noticed a little girl sitting by the river she walked towards her slowly

the little girl turned around when she felt someone was behind her Althea was shocked when she saw the little girl face it's the same girl again her face was familiar it can't be true Althea thought, the girl continued looking at her before suddenly disappearing

opening her eyes Althea felt strong hands hugging her from behind looking at the wall she noticed that she wasn't in her room

" nightmare? " she heard the lord ask

" I don't what should I call it " Althea replied turning around looking at the lord

" do you want to talk about it," the lord said as he pushed her hair from her face

Althea took a deep breath before speaking " I dreamed about a little girl and it's the second time that I see her in my dreams she looked... " Althea paused looking at the lord who was witting for her to continue

" she looked exactly like you the color of her hair her eyes " the lord rubbed her arm as he noticed how scared she was

" in the first dream she called me mother and said don't leave me but this time it was like she was angry at me " she continued

" dreams like this could sometimes mean something or refer to the future or they could mean nothing " the lord spoke caressing her face gently " but do not be scared I will always be with you " he pulled her closer to him hugging her tightly as she falls asleep again this time in his arms


the next day the lord stayed at the mansion he did had any urgent matters to attend so he stayed finishing some of the pepper work but he insisted that Althea have to accompany him she sat there on the sofa reading a book while he is doing his work and taking a glance at her from time to time they stayed like this for about three hours

" is something wrong? " Althea asked when she saw the lord looking at the window suddenly

" Someone is coming, " the lord said and she went towards the window to see who

" it's Jan," Althea said as she watched her friend she didn't look normal something must have happened she thought

" I will go and see her," she told the lord before walking out of the library

by the time Althea reached the door Jan was already knocking she quickly went to open it

" thank god that I found you here," Jan said hugging once she saw her friend

" did something happened," Althea asked when they pulled away

" don't worry your mother is fine but there is something you have to know " Jan spoke as she looking around them to see if the lord was around

" he is inside the study room don't worry, come let's go to my room, " Althea said guided her friend that where her room is

once the door was closed Jan spoke in a low voice " are you sure that he can't hear us "

" positive, now speak, " Althea said as she started to get annoyed with her friend behavior

" Althea your mother have approved your engagement with Yuto your neighbor's son " Jan spoke in one sentence

" WHAT " Althea spoke " how could she do that I told her to not do that "

" I'm sorry Althea I came here as soon as possible when my mother told me " Jan spoke sitting next to Althea

" When did that happened? " Althea asked

" yesterday she told my mother the wedding will be at the end of the month " Jan sighed as she finished speaking

Althea covered her face in frustration her life was always a miss nothing seems to go right with her

" what are you going to do? " Jan asked

" I don't know but I'm not going to do as she wants " Althea replied

" I'm very sorry Althea I couldn't be of help " Jan spoke feeling sad for her friend

" no it's your fault so don't be sorry please," Althea said as she hugged her friend

" I need to go now but if you need any help just tell me," Jan said before she left

Althea rested her forehead against the wooden doors she was in a big problem and she doesn't have any idea on how to get out from it the only option she has is to tell her mother about the lord and that could lead to even bigger problems this is a big mess and added to that how she will tell the lord " can't I have time to rest " she mumbled to herself

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" Althea are you alright? " the lord voice startled her

turning around she saw the Lord standing on the stairs " yes " she replied her voice nervous

walking slowly towards her he stopped in front of her " hmm are you sure? " the Lord asked

" yes, I'm going to prepare your tea " she was about to walk past him but the lord stopped

" you are lying " lifting her in his arms he walked towards the stairs

" no I'm not," she said trying to escape from his grasp but the continued climbing the stairs towards her room

putting her down on the bed gently he climbed atop of her their faces were very close that she could feel his breath on her face " what happened? " the Lord asked brushing his lips along the skin of her ear shall

Althea tried to ignore the feeling of his lips on her skin and answered " nothing happened it's just that Jan wanted to speak to me about something that's all you are thinking too much " she patted his shoulder and tried to get off the bed but it was in vain

he captured her lips making her gasp in surprise he kissed her lips gently knowing that she just recovered and she still weak

the kiss lasted for a long time that Althea was struggling to catch her breaths as continued sucking her lips like he was devouring them

" mhhhh Alright I... I will tell you " Althea spoke panting

the lord smirked devilishly as he sat beside her he handed her a glass of water to see her drink it in one gulp taking the empty glass from her he waited for her to speak

" I will tell you everything but promise me that you won't get angry " Althea spoke nervously

" I promise, " the lord said making her look at him in suspicion

" Jan told that my mother has announced my engagement to her friend son, " Althea said everything in one breath without looking at him

when she looked up she saw the lord frowning she saw him take a deep breath to calm down she looked down at her lap feeling guilty

" I'm not angry just sad," the lord said as he lifted her face to look at her

" I understand I just need you to trust me," Althea said, she does not know how she will get out of this mass but surely she will figure out

" I do " the Lord spoke against her lips before capturing her lips in a passionate kiss he lifted her body making her straddle him she gasped when she felt something pushing against her private place realizing what it was she blushed forcefully

she could feel that he was restraining himself for her sake but for how long


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